Selfies May Diagnose Blood Pressure In Future

The advancements in technology have a major role in the improvement in the health industry today. The machines and tools used in diagnosis and treatment are much better than from past times. In addition, these developments are also responsible for awareness regarding health issues.

For example, whenever a person needs to know about any health problem, the information is a click away. Internet and social media have made it easy to know about every sphere of health. This includes knowing symptoms of a disease as well as home remedies.

In addition, different studies also show other benefits of the latest technology. For instance, in a study on dementia, the researchers concluded that using computers can help. Adults who continued using computers had a lower risk of having Alzheimer’s disease.

Now, a new study looks at a popular trend in today’s generation and the life which is taking selfies. Photographing oneself is nothing new but the term ‘selfie’ is fairly recent.

The term and practice both are extremely common among common people and celebrities alike. Secondly, people from all age groups engage in it nowadays. More recently, social media platforms have also introduced ‘selfie videos’

The researchers in the new study explore how selfie videos can also be a health practice – checking blood pressure.

The idea was by researchers from the University of Toronto in Canada and Hangzhou Normal University in China. Its findings appear in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging.

Read the study here.

What Was the Research Method?

Monitoring blood pressure is mandatory for people with associated problems. Doctors usually recommend keeping a track of it after every few hours. This especially goes for the people who are at the risk of developing cardiovascular conditions.

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Blood pressure is actually one of the main risk factors for heart disease. Therefore, developing technology that makes it easier to check blood pressure is important. Currently, cuff-based devices play this role in their diagnosis and treatment.

However, many people find it hard to wear the devices all the time. As a result, most of them do not check their blood pressure as frequently.

Researchers in the new study state that a more convenient way is via making a short video similar to selfie videos. This method is also called transdermal optical imaging. As the name suggests, it measures blood pressure via optical sensors of the phone.

In order to see the effectiveness of this method, around 1,328 participants took part in the study. These participants came from both China as well as Canada.

These participants had to sit one by one in a quiet room and make a short selfie video. The average length of the video was two minutes.

During the video-making, the researchers also looked at the participants’ blood pressure using conventional methods. This was to compare the results of both transdermal optical imaging and traditional way of checking blood pressure.

What Was the Research?

After examining the data from experiments, the researchers found positive results. Using transdermal optical imaging, the measurement of systolic blood pressure was 95 percent accurate.

In addition, pulse pressure and diastolic blood pressure were also 96 percent. These results show that this technology goes up to the standard of international requirements for blood pressure devices. In the future, it could be a part of the technology used in diagnosis and treatment.

Areeba Hussain

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