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Scientists strongly advise against practicing Fat Freezing procedure at home

With there being increasing awareness about the consequences of obesity, people have started to do something about it. When physical exercise and diet restriction seem difficult options, people look out for quick easy alternatives. Thankfully to their purposes, there is now a widely practiced technique known as fat freezing or cool sculpting.

In an era of modern technological advancements, people have started to look beyond conventional weight loss methods. While liposuction was known to be a new advancement, it is now accompanied by fat freezing.

The procedure is not very complicated to understand. As the name would possibly suggest, it works by freezing two panels of fat through cryolipolysis applied to the designated region.

Just about recently, FDA validated the technique for its safety. It is now conducted at various health centers in the US although for a substantial cost. Your insurance will typically not cover the expenses of cool-sculpting.

But all that aside, there is something else medical scientists would like to emphasize for the time being. Despite its advantages in freezing unnecessary fat, it should never be practiced at home in the absence of a professional.

Fat Freezing: Do Not Try at Home

You might wonder at the first thought that freezing fat appears not so difficult to carry at home. You are likely to feel inclined to get all the necessary equipment and start the procedure right away. But medical experts would suggest you think otherwise.

Fat freezing is a procedure is much more complicated to carry out than it appears. Doing at home can put you at risk of severe health complications that may not have any substitute.

In an effort to understand the associated risks of practicing cool sculpting procedure at home, researchers observed any resulting side effects, individuals were inflicted with.

The primary thing they noticed was that most lacked the relevant professional equipment required. In a majority of the circumstances, people made use of blocks of ice. This was a problem because not only did ice yield any benefit but on the contrary, it was putting the person at risk of complications.

Use of extreme cold temperature foremost caused numbness in a certain region. The person alongside being at risk of frostbite amplified their chances of conditions such as tissue damage and pain.

Is Cool Sculpting a Good Option?

While you know for a fact that scientists have advised against the application of fat-freezing at home. But the subsequent concern is whether the technique, even if carried out under the supervision of a professional, is always a good option?

Studies put into place analyzing the side effects of the procedure found the individuals to suffer from the following.

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Prolong numbness
  • Tingling feeling
  • Nausea

The side effects would be at their peak immediately after the fat freezing session concluded. Although, lessening down after time, some individuals continued experiencing the consequences for months.

However, more importantly, there is always a risk of Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia. Cool sculpting automatically increases your chances of PAH. When diagnosed with the condition, the person experiences an enlargement of fat cells consequently reversing the effects of fat freezing.  



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