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Night times during summers can still put you at a risk of heat exhaustion

Night times during summers are not as safe and pleasant as you might perceive them. Research studies have increasingly come up with evidence to support that heat waves may continue to persist even when the sun has settled down.

While the daytime can get hot and unbearable, getting out at night is not always a safe option. Which really means that you need to exercise caution before actually deciding to go out.

The entire planet is in the middle of a heatwave catastrophe. Temperatures are soaring with each passing day creating a number of health-related problems. Dehydration and heat exhaustion have become common sights to experience forcing hundreds into emergency care.

Countries like Greenland previously covered in ice-sheets the entire year-long have witnessed unprecedented melting. Several cities in the US, as well as Europe, saw temperature climbing up to 100F. Though, it is best to avoid high temperatures during the day, night times during summers may not just offer you the needed relief and here is why.

Night Times during Summers: Riskier than we thought?

You put on your television and switch to the latest weather updates. The newscaster tells you that the outside day temperature is expected to stay at 102F. You decide to skip your outside running during the afternoon delaying it until the sun settles down.

Throughout this process, what you did not really notice was that night temperature isn’t as cool for outdoor activity!

While the sun might have just set, reducing your chances of sunburns, this did not reduce the risk of other health complications. For many medical experts, night times during summers still pose a threat for conditions such as dehydration, heat exhaustion and even heat stroke.

The risk is at its substantial level when the temperature is between the range of 99F to 103F. So, you might perceive the outside weather as cool, in reality, it’s not cold enough to minimize your health risk.

Hot night temperature coupled with a high level of humidity can make you sweat a lot. A great loss of water can consequently create electrolyte imbalance within your body.

The situation gets even more problematic for individuals with cardiovascular diseases. Research findings have shown, that high temperatures can possibly worsen the blood pressure problem. This is also viable from the number of emergency visits made during the past 3-months.

Keeping yourself cool

Now you know that nigh times during summers are not as pleasant as you might have thought. There is a real possibility of infliction of serious health conditions.

Given all this, you should consider adopting meaningful ways to keep yourself cool during the night time. While obviously, the best recommendation is to stay indoors, executing the following measures may be for your own benefit.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated by having an ample supply of fluids. Gatorade drinks can help fight dehydration.
  2. Wear something light: avoid nylon or any fabric that induces sweat
  3. Buy a hand-fan for yourself. If it is necessary to be outdoors then a hand-fan can keep your body temperature a bit cooler.
  4. Cut down your outdoor routine to a minimum. Avoid staying out late for long periods of time,
  5. In case you feel unconscious or exhausted, find a place to sit, replenish yourself with liquid and move to a place with air conditioning.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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