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Study concludes Vitamin A can help prevent skin cancer

It is very important to follow a planned and balanced diet. It should contain all nutrients in their adequate amount for the proper functioning of the body. One such nutrient is Vitamin A which our body needs usually for the sustenance of the immune system. But now according to new research findings, Vitamin A can help prevent skin cancer as well.

If you simply consider the data of the American Academy of Dermatology, you will realize how common skin cancer is becoming. It is now leading form of cancer with the highest number of victims.

More than 9000 Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer everyday which makes the cumulative figure exceeding 3 million annually.

Given the precarious circumstances, it is necessary to search for alternatives that can fight skin cancer. Fortunately, Vitamin A can help prevent skin cancer which is now validated by a recent reliable study.

So, now it is about time that people start including food items rich in Vitamin A in their daily diet.

Vitamin A can help prevent cancer: What did the study show?

In previous studies, we got to know that consuming Vitamin A is beneficial for the skin by keeping it young and wrinkle-free. Now, new study findings concluded by researchers from the Brown School of Public Health revealed that Vitamin A can help prevent skin cancer.

It does so by killing the carcinogen cell: carcinoma which is considered as the biggest perpetrator of skin cancer.

For their study, the researchers collected the data of around 75,000 women and 48,000 men. This was done to keep an accurate gender balance in the proportion of victims affected by skin cancer.

The total sample population was then divided into groups of two with the first group following a diet characterized by intake of Vitamin A. On the contrary, the second group with little or no Vitamin A acted as a control.

Lasting for a time span of 25 years, the study ended in 2019. The findings surprisingly revealed a relationship between Vitamin A and a lower risk of skin cancer. Which is to say that Vitamin A can help prevent skin cancer.

The statistics showed that cumulatively, 4000 instances of skin cancer. A major portion of the patient population were those who did not follow a Vitamin A rich diet.

How to include Vitamin A in your diet?

You would now perhaps wonder different ways to include Vitamin A in your diet. Although, we know that the nutrient is beneficial for several reasons, how to consume it is a conundrum not many are able to solve.

Nutritionists would recommend and emphasize on obtaining Vitamin A from natural food sources. There is a long list of items which may help you achieve your desired purpose. For example, you can fulfill your daily requirement of the vitamin by consuming animal meat such as Turkey, beef liver and chicken.

Some fruits and vegetable can also provide you with the needed nutrient requirement. Carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, and papaya are good options to start off with.

Finally, there are a number of over the counter Vitamin A supplements available that you can buy. However, it is advisable that adult individuals do not exceed 800 micrograms per day.

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