Safety of Cannabis: Scientists rule out the possibility of dying from marijuana

Ever since marijuana got legal status for both recreational and medical purposes, there has been a fierce debate on both sides of the benches. While the proponents highlight the medical benefits, oppositions point towards the safety of cannabis.

Let us look start with the former side of the arguments. An increasing number of scientific pieces of evidence have confirmed that marijuana has several health usages. Not only is it a safe substitute to opioid, but it also has applications in treating conditions such as fibromyalgia and even cancer.

On the other hand, the opposition bench bases their arguments on the safety of cannabis. According to most skeptics, the substance can cause impairment of the senses subsequently affecting the brain. But more importantly, it can sometimes become a cause of death.

Readers may wonder whether dying from cannabis is within the realms of possibility or not.

It was the case of the 22-year-old Michael Ziboro that fueled the aforementioned concern. On a late sultry April afternoon, Michael was found unconscious in his room. Unsettled at first, his parents in no time contacted the emergency only to be informed that their son had died.

When the further medical investigation was carried out, it was revealed that the 22-year old had cannabis in his blood. Michael had been a prolonged cannabis user which now according to his parents became the reason for his unfortunate death.

However, amidst this entire conundrum, medical scientists have tried answering various related queries. Foremost being whether marijuana can actually kill you?

Safety of Cannabis: Reality Check

The death of Michael Ziboro has left many parents apprehensive about the teenage usage of weed. They now feel that considering the safety of cannabis has become a matter of utmost concern.

Scientists, on the contrary, have something entirely different to say. Researchers from the University of Southern California investigated the likelihood of dying from the use of marijuana. For their findings, they observed roughly cannabis strains as well as the substance sold on the streets. The latter phenomena holding true for states where usage remains illegal.

A glimpse of the results showed that marijuana on its alone can not kill an individual. Unlike the case with most other hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin, an overdose on marijuana was highly unlikely.

Although there was empirical evidence to support changes in the cardiovascular function, risks such as heart attack were extremely rare. Marijuana can result in some deviation from normal blood pressure level but only temporarily.

Having argued that, there remains no denying that weed can cause cognitive impairment. The induced psychoactive effect can result in involvement of harmful behavior yet there are two things to note. First, the changes are likely to settle down after a certain period of time. Second, there is no scientific explanation available so far whether cannabis causes any permanent damage to the brain.

All of this leads us back to the discussion on Michael Ziboro’s death to which there are few explanations. From the safety of cannabis perspective, the drug was unlikely to have been the reason for death.

Experts then believe that cannabis might be contaminated with other dangerous drugs. Henceforth, more examinations are also needed to check for the presence of other harmful substances in his blood.




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