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Smoking tobacco in the UK can end as early as 2030 if the Green Paper is accepted

Smoking tobacco in the UK could end as early as 2030 as part of a pledge in the Green Paper. Although the document still needs to seek approval from government authorities, publishers are hopeful that the health officials will take a keen interest in that regard. So far, several NGOs and Health & Safety campaigns have validated the proposal.

It should be a surprise for anyone that smoking tobacco in the UK is a problem of grave concern. Every year thousands of deaths are reported as a result of medical risks that tag along with the habit. But despite that, a large portion of the teenage population still see themselves indulging in smoking.

Perhaps, the most acknowledgeable step taken by the government in recent years was the proposal to raise the age of tobacco consumption to 21. The draft legislation is till pending voting in the UK parliament.

However, raising the age does not challenge the root cause of the problem which is brought in the Green Paper.

Green Paper: Call for Ending Smoking Tobacco in the UK

The main target of the Green Paper is to bring into account issues related to poor health standards in the UK.

Poor health is not just about inadequate dietary intake but includes a long list of other indicators. It considers the quality of life and subsequently the life span of the individual. Moreover, it also considers the number of hours dedicated to physical exercise and even trivial activities such as time spent tooth brushing.

While calling for an end on smoking tobacco in the UK is the foremost concern, there are other focuses too. For example, restricting the sale of energy drinks to teenagers and close of junk food shops/restaurants after 9 pm.

Focusing on the smoking ban for the time being.  According to Public Health England, as many as 6 million adults smoke tobacco. The figure is equivalent to 14% of the total adult population residing in Great Britain. While the percentage has come down from 19.3%, the numbers are still extremely worrisome.

Particularly because lung cancer currently stands as the leading cause of cancer deaths in the UK. Just in the year alone, roughly 20,000 deaths were reported as a consequence of the condition. Similarly, cardiovascular illness has the most fatalities in the country with one biggest cause of the disease being smoking.

The Tobacco Industry Lobby

While, on the look of it, the Green Paper seems to incentivize necessary steps towards a healthier country. The issued guidelines can certainly prove to be a lot advantageous given they are implemented in their entirety.

Although smoking tobacco in the UK has grabbed the utmost attention of the media and government for its consequences, there are a number of factors holding back the publication of Green Paper.

The UK enjoys a strong lobby of the tobacco industry contributing a major chunk of the economic grant. If smoking is ban in Britain, it is likely to spur a strong backlash from these tobacco lobbies. Government, realizing that the Green paper proposal can be detrimental for the economy will perhaps not proceed with the decision.

Whether the paper will prove to be any use remains yet to be seen.



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