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Nearly 51% of the employees in the US fail to eat a healthy lunch at work

The importance of a healthy lunch can possibly not be underscored. In fact, as a mere requirement to keep yourself physically (and even mentally!) fit, you should be eating healthy at all times. Failure to do so obviously puts you at risk of severe health conditions with obesity leading the risk.

There is no one way you can fight obesity but keeping a check on what you eat is all the more necessary. According to official health guidelines, an adult should be consuming somewhere around 2000 calories every day.

That said, the study by the American Heart Association is surely a cause of concern for most people. The findings revealed that nearly half of the employees in the US fail to eat a healthy lunch at work. An improper diet coupled with excessive junk eating is putting American workers at a considerable health risk.

To add to the problem, a major portion is also unaware of their dietary habits which makes the problem all the more worrisome.

Healthy Lunch at Work: Where the gap lies?

As part of the AHA initiative, the members are in the incumbent process of highlighting the gaps in the dietary habits of American people. The study conducted, accounted for the data of around 900+ employees all across the country.

Included in the survey were adults aged between 18 to 60 who were working as full-time employees. Once the research was underway, researchers observed the dietary habits of individuals. The main aim was to find out whether the participants were consuming healthy lunch or not.

The findings revealed that as many as 57% of the participants failed to follow the recommended dietary guidelines. They were known to consume unhealthy food items which contributed towards the risk of several illnesses.

Around 70% remained unaware of their eating habits and the associated risk that tagged along. A similar proportionate of the respondents tagged along with coworkers for junk-food spots on frequent occasions.

Surprisingly enough, employees who were aged below 40 were more likely to try towards healthy lunch habits.

While fast-food topped the list for the unhealthiest food items eaten, there were a number of other items that were equally risky. For example, it was common for employees to occasionally stop for desserts (muffins, doughnuts) or drinks.

What constitutes as healthy?

The question that you will next ask: what qualifies as healthy lunch?

It is understandable that deciding what to eat for lunch can be a difficult decision to make. Combining with work with limited time may inhibit your dietary choices. But there is a way out that will fulfill your daily requirements and keep you physically fit.

The following are some essential guidelines nutritionists would suggest.

  • Diversify your healthy lunch choices: Try to include a variety of food items to make it more delightful and less boring.
  • Try opting for whole-grain: Whole wheat bread, cereal, and rice are good alternatives to start off with.
  • Incorporate a lot of protein: Protein is an essential nutrient that you need for a variety of purposes. Incorporate protein instead of excess carbohydrates and fats.
  • Say No to sugary items: Sugary items are high-calorie foods that can be very unhealthy for you. Learn to say NO to sugary items including soft drinks, muffins, doughnuts.


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