Early puberty signs increases the risk of migraine in adolescent girls

Migraine affects thousands of individuals worldwide. It is a condition primarily characterized by a moderate to severe, debilitating headache alongside other resulting symptoms. There is no one reason why migraine might be triggered in a person. Some people are at a greater risk than others. Now, according to a study by the University of Cincinnati, there early puberty signs in a girl can increase the chances of migraine development.

What the study highlighted in detail will be clear in a minute. From what we can actively infer at the moment are two important things. First and foremost, there is a relationship between reaching puberty early and migraine.

Second, the risk is higher for adolescent girls than boys. Keeping that in mind, puberty girls should execute measures that will at least help them fight the symptoms of migraine.

Early Puberty Signs and Migraine

The study collaborated by researchers from the University of Cincinnati considered the data of 760 girls who exhibited early puberty signs. They were aged between 9 to 20 years. As a primary task of the investigation, researchers examined a number of puberty signs. This included breast development, growth of pubic hair and menstruation.

While the characteristics of the individuals aside, the participants were also supposed to fill out a questionnaire where they highlighted any reported instance of migraine occurrence. T

he study, beginning in 2004 spanned over a time limit of 10 years.

After every 6 to 7 month interval, any noted observations were documented for the final compilation of the results.

Once the study concluded, the findings showed that early puberty signs were directly related to a higher chance of migraine in adolescent girls. This held true for nearly 22% of the participants out of which around 12% were diagnosed with severe migraine. Roughly 7% of the female individuals were the onset of development. A similar proportion reported infrequent occurrences of mild to a severe migraine.

For the scientists, as soon as the estrogen production began in females showing early puberty signs, migraine was likely to set in.

Migraine is not a problem that affects adults only!

It is often incorrectly assumed by people that migraine is a condition that affects adults only. This is entirely not the case. While adults, too may be the victims, young children are equally likely to be at a risk.

The study from the University of Cincinnati shows us exactly that validating the proposition that early puberty signs are related to migraine. In fact, according to official statistics, the disease affects about 11% of US schoolchildren annually. The signs starting to appear as early as the age of 10.

It is important to understand migraine above and beyond just a worse form of headache. The risk factors need a whole lot more attention in order for better awareness of the general population.

Parents, on the other hand should not ignore any signs of the condition they observe in their children. If the child is experiencing frequent headaches for a prolonged period of time, then there is a cause of worry. Taking necessary precautionary steps such as avoiding certain foods will help prevent worsening of the symptoms.

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