Hot Showers May Improve Sleep Quality

After coming from a long day of work, the majority just wants to take a bath before bedtime, relax, and sleep. This is a popular way of getting the ideal amount of rest and good quality of sleep for the next day. However, many people often question the right time to bathe before heading to bed.

In today’s world, many people have a busy lifestyle. Since it is harder to afford all the needed facilities in life, every other person has to overwork many times. Consequently, people do make the ends meet but it takes a toll on others part of their lives.

For instance, many people lose their social lives in the midst of working for long hours. Others do not find enough time to relax for a sufficient time.

Generally, all of the continuous workloads cause major health issues. These can also be lifelong and irreversible. Therefore, many health professionals advise people to otherwise maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy diet and physical activity in the daily routine can prevent many issues successfully. In addition, knowing other things that can help the body rest and recover is also good.

Therefore, there is research on every matter of health at the moment. For instance, a new study explores further on bathing before sleep. This is also because the vast majority of people take a bath before bedtime.

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Researcher Shahab Haghayegh from the University of Texas is the lead author of the study. Its findings appear in the journal Sleep Medicine Reviews.

Read the study here.

What is the right time to take a shower?

Many people prefer taking a shower or a bath before bedtime rather than in the morning. According to the majority, this is because doing so leads to improving the quality of sleep. While this was just a myth before, scientists paid more attention and noted that it actually did work.

Now, the new study focuses on the right time to get the highest benefits from the bath before bedtime. To do so, they took data from a number of different sources. This includes Medline, PubMed, Cochran, Web of Science, CINAHIL, and PsycInfo.

They mainly analyzed the impact of passive-body heating coming from the water. In their observation, they saw the effects on the follows: sleep-efficiency, sleep onset latency, total sleep time, wake-after sleep onset, subjective-sleep quality, and slow-wave sleep.

All of these are different measures to know the quality of sleep. Scientists, in general, use these to check a person’s sleeping patterns in different studies.

Bath before bed has actual health benefits

After the analysis, it was found that one or two hours before bedtime is the best time to bath. The duration of the bath or even a shower can be ten minutes for maximum advantages.

A bath before bedtime mainly helps in two ways. Firstly, it improves the temperature circadian rhythm. This further helps in having a quicker and better sleep. Secondly, it helps the body relax and cool down by boosting blood circulation.

Doing so can actually help people with a hectic lifestyle. According to the researchers, it can make a significant improvement in sleep patterns and quality. Conclusively, it may actually be better to take a bath before bedtime rather than in the morning.

Areeba Hussain

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