Research finds music before surgery can help deal with Pre-Surgery stress

We are dwelling in a world where there seems no existence without music. It has certainly provided us with several advantages, perhaps the foremost being a relief from boredom. But lets us look further ahead and see another addition to the list of benefits. A new study finds that music before surgery can help deal with pre-surgery stress.

The claim has been validated by a number of surgeons who now look to recommend this interesting therapy to their patients before the actual procedure.

Earlier we also heard about music dealing with depression and anxiety. It appears that it can now viably be considered as a natural alternative to drugs and medication.

That said, let us find out what the study has to say about music before surgery.

Is Music Before Surgery a Good Option?

Surgery can be an arduous process for an individual both physically and mentally. While being in the moment when the procedure is carried out may not be that difficult to cope with, the time leading to it can be very mentally exhausting.

Due to the uncertainty about the outcome, it can cause the person to feel utterly anxious and stressful. In a normal scheme of things, the doctor would possibly recommend few drugs to curb down the crippling anxiety. However, there is an underlying problem for doing so: the risk of side effects.

Keeping that in mind, a group of medical scientists from the University of Pennsylvania got together to look for a way out through music. They felt that music before surgery has some interesting and hidden benefits that only a few know about.

For their purpose, they observed around 160 patients who were expected to undergo anesthesia before surgery. The participants were then grouped into two. The first group was prescribed dosage of anti-anxiety medications. While the latter group individuals were subjected to music before surgery therapy.

The playlist ranged from Beethoven symphonies to Pink Floyd’s top hits to anything that sounded soothing to the ears. Music was played moments before the surgery when the person was likely to be the most anxious.

What did the results show?

Once the study was underway, all observations and behavioral changes were recorded. Additionally, after the procedure ended, researchers documented the viewpoints of the individuals. They asked questions pertaining to the mental wellbeing of the individual and any comparison they noticed after replacing medications with music.

The findings showed that music before surgery in fact did seem to work. The satisfaction rate for individuals on medications was similar to those who had musical therapy.

For many patients, music generated a feeling of calmness that provided much-needed comfort to the soul. By dwelling into a particular song, they were able to holistically respond to the pain. It made the person forget about the stress that was associated with the entire surgical procedure.

But the only problem patients reported was that given they had the option to choose their own playlist, the results might be substantially different in a more positive sense. Either way, after the study concluded, scientists suggested that music before therapy remains a viable alternative to medications.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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