A new research discovers eggshells improve bone health

Having breakfast is arguably one of the most crucial parts of the day. There are some essential food items that should be present e.g. milk and egg. Let us focus on the latter. When you cook an egg you will probably peel it off and dispose of the shell. But now medical science would advise you not to do so because there is evidence to suggest eggshells improve bone health!

These recent study findings may appear a lot fascinating to you. Eggshells are among the least used items in your kitchen and they are likely to be found nowhere except the garbage can.

However, with research coming up with medical advantages, there is a need to re-evaluate our decisions!

How do eggshells improve bone health and how they should be used will be clear later. Suffice to say, it can viably be considered as a healthy natural alternative for people suffering from conditions such as bone damage.

Eggshells improve bone health: What did the study say?

Thanks to the efforts of scientists from the University of Massachusetts, we may soon have a bio-ingredient for enhanced bone health.

For their purposes, the researchers investigated the eggshells in detail observing different ways it can protect bone damage. The first hypothesis documented was that the food wastage item is loaded with calcium which is needed by bones. The next step was to now find a method that allows the body to absorb the nutrient.

Accordingly, chicken eggshells were first crushed into very fine particles and then subsequently mixed with hydrogel solution. Once the mixture was ready, the experiment was conducted by injecting the rats with the prepared bio-ingredient. Now was the time to test for any evidence which will validate the assertion that eggshells improve bone health.

The findings showed the hypothesis to hold true. When rejects were injected with the mixture, there appeared to be instances of better bone health due to the absorption of calcium carbonate.

Keeping this in mind, scientists believe that the preparations are underway for the first human trial. Lead researcher and professor at UMass, Dr. Camci is optimistic about the positive outcomes. He believes it would not be long before the proper eggshell calcium supplement will be launched.

The only side effect that can occur is the risk posed by the Salmonella bacterium often found on eggshells. In order, to prevent resulting health complications there is a need for proper washing and decontamination process.

Bone Damage: An important Concern

Frequent cases of damage is a strong indication of weaker bone health. In the USA alone, every year, roughly 6.5 million fractures occur. The figures exclude other minor instances of bone-cracking that itself is a consequence of a lack of calcium. Surprisingly enough men are far more at risk of fractures than women.

But it should not be forgotten that osteoporosis is a health condition that affects thousands of women worldwide. The illness causes the bones to become weak, fragile and vulnerable to breakages.

Having said that, the issue in hand is to look for effective remedies. Since the UMass study has shown eggshells improve bone health, the food (wastage) item can be used as a viable substitute.



Areeba Hussain

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