Green Spaces May Impact Diet Quality

The number of facilities present today makes different types of research possible. For instance, there are technologies that enable scientists to study the connection between two very different factors. Using such methods, they have also unrevealed how green spaces are good for health.

Previously, the research present on green spaces shows they provide many advantages. Secondly, they are even more beneficial at the moment due to the rise in pollution.

Plants and trees come in handy when reducing different kinds of pollution in a metropolitan city. Therefore, there is now ‘green development’ and specific portions for green spaces in all major cities of the world.

Not only do spending time in green spaces is healthful but just seeing them can be good too. For example, studies prove that even looking at greenery from your bedroom window provides benefits.

It is proven that mental and physical health do get influenced by green spaces. Now, research continues to see more connections between greenery and other parts of the health.

For example, new research from the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom reveals an unthinkable link. It suggests that seeing plants and tree is also good for avoiding the consumption of unhealthy food.

More specifically, merely looking at green spaces may kill unhealthy food cravings in a person. The lead author of the study was Leanne Martin. Its findings appear in the journal Health and Place.

Read the study here.

What Was the Research Methodology?

At the moment, Standard American Diets are worse than ever. The majority of the part is filled with processed foods which are harmful to health. Hence, there is also a rise in many health conditions in the US since diets play a fundamental role.

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Perhaps the biggest evidence of this happening comes from the obesity levels in the country. Being obese further paves the way for dangerous health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Therefore, knowing how to avoid cravings and unhealthy diet is important. The recent one-of-a-kind research may be beneficial for this matter. It may also accentuate that need for environmental preservation and protection alongside public health.

The team in the new study took data from around 149 participants. All of them were between the ages of twenty-one to sixty-five. The main questions were on how much exposure they had to green spaces.

On the other hand, the participants also had to tell about their food cravings. The questions revolved around how commonly the cravings occurred and their intensity.

Lastly, the researchers also looked at the distance between green spaces and the participants’ homes. They particularly focused on how much green spaces they could see or had in their own residencies.

What Was the Result?

After the examination, it was found that people who had views and access to gardens had fewer food cravings than others. This includes both public and private green spaces. Other participants who simply had a view of greenery also had similar effects on them.

Another important observation was that the participants had these effects regardless of their exercise routines.

This further shows yet another advantage of the presence of green spaces. It also paves the way for further research on this topic.


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