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Cameroon Boyce death raises important questions about uncontrollable epilepsy

Perhaps the biggest news of this month was: Cameroon Boyce death. The 20-year-old Disney actor had appeared in several films and TV shows, including the famous American series Jessie. But the young star was found dead in his apartment last week leaving his fan following in a massive shock.

The immediate reason turned out to be a seizure, but his parents confirmed that their son was undergoing treatment for epilepsy. Which in a way led the doctors to claim that epilepsy had in fact caused seizure subsequently resulting in Cameroon Boyce death.

When the news came out, the entire Disney family was left stunned. An actor aging just 20-year-old had died from an epileptic seizure!

While death is as sad as it gets, it certainly raises some important concerns. The foremost relating to the possibility of epilepsy becoming a fatal disease. The issue needs our attention and it is pertinent that we start talking about it.

Cameroon Boyce Death & Epilepsy

Cameroon Boyce death pushed the health experts to warn against the danger of epilepsy. Research studies have been conducted but little do we get to hear about the complications that might result. This is in itself a problem because it leads to a general lack of awareness about the issue.

Having said that, the condition is treatable at the very least. Based on your symptoms, your psychiatrists will make a judgment about the type and severity of your illness. Although, with the help of medications and therapy, epilepsy can be treated, in some cases it becomes uncontrollable. When that happens, the risk of fatality increases.

So, for a lot of the medical doctors out there, Cameroon Boyce death was a result of uncontrollable epilepsy, despite the actor receiving years of professional treatment.

Why the condition occurs in a fast place and how does it become fatal is still unknown. We can expect future research to highlight the issue and come up with some concrete explanations. But from what is known, the symptoms of uncontrollable epilepsy are very difficult to spot.

Taking the case of Cameroon Boyce as an example, who was found dead in his normal lying position with face down. This makes it complicated to judge when the seizure occurred.

However, we do have certain claims to explain why death will occur from epilepsy. The first explanation is that the person is unable to breathe oxygen for long. Followed by a cardiac arrest, the condition consequently becomes fatal.

More attention required

Epilepsy can be much more serious than what we perceive. Cameroon Boyce death is a valid case in point.

Every year thousands of people become a victim of the ailment. While a major portion would successfully recover, others undergo lifelong treatment. But in certain circumstances, the uncontrollable form of epilepsy can result in eventual death.

While the death rate may be minimal, it is still important that the issue is given more attention. The lack of studies on the topic makes it even difficult to come up with proper medical treatment. Until that, it is best that a professional is consulted if you suspect anyone having epilepsy. There is no better alternative than the one your doctor will suggest.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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