High Blood Pressure Medicines May Be Harmful

With the passing time, health professionals face more and more health challenges. Many of such issues are also now part of a ‘global pandemic’. For example, blood pressure problems are among such problems.

High blood pressure or what is also known as hypertension is very common nowadays. In contrast with the past times, there is now diagnosis in every age group. From teenagers to older adults, high blood pressure is prevalent.

With proper care and management, it is actually easy to control. However, there are some other factors that may make it hard for specific people.

For instance, a person having multiple issues will find it hard to control fluctuations in the pressure of the blood. In many of the cases, people have heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure all at the same time.

The problem also becomes harder to control when doctors are not able to figure out what is the cause behind it Hence, people take a number of high blood pressure drugs to stay normal. However, in the midst of doing so, they may harm another important part of their body.

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Research from the past shows that medication for one problem may worsen the other. Drugs interactions and side effects are also common. Since blood pressure medicines are common, a new study explores its potential side effects on the human body.

The study was a collaboration between researchers from Ludwig Maximilian University in Germany and Imperial College in the UK. The findings of the research appear in the journal Circulation.

Read the study here.

What Was the Research Methodology?

The cases of blood pressure related issues have almost doubled in the past few decades. Statistically, there is now more diagnosis than ever before. So, taking medication for blood pressure is also a common practice.

However, like all other drugs, taking too many of such medicines is also harmful. Many of the people on these pills also do not make fundamental lifestyle changes. This is why research on the potentially harmful effects of such drugs was necessary.

The researchers in the new study did an examination of three popular blood pressure drugs. These are calcium channel blockers, ACE inhibitors, and beta blockers.

To see the effects of these medicines, the team did a genetic analysis. This means that they looked at how the intake of the drugs may affect different proteins.

Using data from the UK Biobank Study, an analysis of genetic variants in around 750,000 participants was done. Furthermore, the researchers moved to link the identified variants with different diseases.

What Was the Result?

After the observation of three blood pressure medicines, the researchers found both negative and positive effects. Taking the drugs lowered the chances of developing heart disease. However, the effects were not the same on the health of the gut.

A popular calcium-blocker known as the nondihydropyridine class had negative impacts on the gut bacteria. This further led to higher chances of developing a gut condition called diverticulitis.

So far, the researchers have not figured out the underlying factors behind the connection between the two. They agree that further research is needed to know more about the link as well as other effects of the drugs.




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