Kratom Herbal Supplements May Be Harmful

The modern-day life is very different from that of the past centuries. People are becoming more and more aware of how to live a healthier lifestyle due to easy access to information. One of its main effects is the major switch to natural treatments and herbal supplements.

A person can go through a quick search on the internet and come across many solutions for a health condition. Some of such remedies or herbal supplements are actually beneficial for health.

In addition, one of the major problems today is antibiotic resistance. The rise of these dangerous issues means there can be a possible comeback of deadly diseases from the past. The only difference will be that they will be more powerful and hard to control this time.

Consequently, it is general advice to avoid taking antibiotics unnecessarily. Secondly, if a person does take them, he or she has to finish the entire course.

Herbal supplements come in handy when treating common health issues. This also prevents the use of antibiotics and other medicines. However, like other drugs, herbal supplements also have the potential to be dangerous.

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In fact, many of the popular herbal medicines are not available in the United States. One of these is Kratom supplements. These medicines have become very popular in the past few years.

A new study from the State University of New York shows how Kratom can be harmful. The lead author of the study is Prof. William Eggleston. Its findings appear in journal Pharmacotherapy.

Read the study here.

What Is the Research Methodology?

Originally, Kratom is an extract from Mitragyna speciose. It comes from the same family as coffee. The tree is not only popular now but was actually used for its benefits ages before. Instead of making powder, people used to brew tea out of the leaves or consume them in raw form.

This was done mainly to relieve different kinds of pains. For example, this herbal supplement can be useful in treating mood-related disorders. Additionally, it is also aid in getting rid of body aches and chronic pains.

Now, people also use Kratom for recreational purposes. Secondly, people with opioid addiction also use it even though there is no scientific backup for this treatment.

Like other herbal supplements, Kratom is also only safe in a limited amount. In the new study, the cases of toxic effects of Kratom or effects of its withdrawals were specifically looked at.

For a thorough investigation, the researchers used data from the National Poison Data System. They also took additional data from the County Medical Officer’s files. In total, there were 2,312 cases from the years 2011-2018.

What Was the Result?

After examining the data, the researchers came to a concerning conclusion. At the beginning of 2011, the cases of kratom-related problems were only eighteen. However, in 2018, the number went up to 357.

The affected people had multiple effects on them ranging from drowsiness to seizure and cardiac arrest. There were even cases of neonatal abstinence syndrome which is the effects of withdrawal on an infant or fetus.

The researchers do not promote an overall ban on herbal supplements or kratom, but they do advise to proceed with caution. Kratom may not be as dangerous as other opioids but it can also have potentially fatal effects.




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