Men above 50 likely to become infertile due to poor sperm quality

If you are married, you would possibly know there is a certain time until the mother can give birth. The best way to know that is to look when the menstruation cycle has ended. In other words, certain signs of menopause will tell you when conceiving may not be possible. Men, on the other hand, continue to produce sperm throughout their life around. But what happens when sperm quality starts to decline?

Well, in practical terms, the sperm of low quality would also mean a failure in producing a child. This problem may not appear familiar to many ears perhaps because little do we hear about such issues in mainstream medical science.

However, according to one new research, men in the USA above the age of 50 are increasingly becoming infertile. The rate accelerating because elder males are not just producing high sperm quality.

Sperm Quality of Elder Men

The study was conducted by researchers aligned with the Center for Reproductive and Genetic Health. For the purpose of the research, they collected around 5,000 samples of sperm from all male age groups. The aim was to carry out the process of In Vitro Fertilization and find out the likelihood of sperm combining with the egg.

Once the investigation ended, the findings were documented and presented in the annual CRGH seminal. The results showed that around 40% of the men above the age of 50 produced low sperm quality.

Nearly 95% of the males under 35 had optimum sperm quality that made the chances of pregnancy high. Yet, the quality was found to decrease with age, considerably lessening the chances of the couple conceiving. For example, between the age group 43 and 49, only 55% of the participants had good sperm quality.

All in all, the findings led the researchers to conclude that men never becoming infertile is largely untrue. We do know how chances of fertilization can reduce in women but the same is true for the men as well. Specifically, as the latter age, he might be producing sperm but of low quality unable to conceive a child.

Why that might be the case?

There is no one straightforward answer to the question. In fact, medical scientists have come up with several explanations to the said phenomena. They argue that an improper, unbalanced and to top the list careless lifestyle is affecting sperm quality in males.

Some of the hypothesis that was put forward are as follows.

  • Males are equally likely to experience unfavorable circumstances that deteriorate their mental health. For example, numerous studies would confirm men to experience symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. While the condition themselves may not cause infertility, certain resulting behavioral traits might.
  • Wearing tight boxers/shorts generates heat in the scrotum area consequently affecting the sperm quality. It is thereby recommended to wear loose underwear with air outlets to prevent the testicle from extra compression.
  • Inadequate post-workout routine. Often it is noticed that after a period of excessive physical workout, individuals tend to shower in warm water. This is not recommended for the same aforementioned reason that testicles heat up as a result.
  • Increased instances of substance abuse. Smoking and use of other hard drugs can affect reproductivity and sperm quality according to health experts.

Areeba Hussain

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