Sugary Drinks May Increase Risk Of Development Of Cancer

In the modern-day world, people are more aware of health than ever before. For example, many people now know about how sugar is more dangerous than dietary fat. So, they have also left drinking sugary drinks behind. Switching to fruit juices and more natural drinks is now a common practice.

The research on sugar suggests that it has a connection with a number of health conditions. In addition, it has no nutritional content to offer. While loading up on sugar may feel good, it may be very harmful to the body.

With the rise of diabetes and metabolic disorders, people are cutting down on sugary goods. This was a very healthful step. Secondly, it may even help in controlling obesity and diabetes pandemic.

However, more research on the matter shows that even the alternatives to sugar may not be good. Using artificial sugar and sweeteners is now popular but these are no better. In fact, they are even worse than using common sugar.

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On the other hand, drinks such as one hundred percent natural fruit juices are in the same boat. A new study corroborates this claim by looking at the effects of sugary drinks.

Studies from the past show that there is a link between high sugar intake and cancer. The recent study further explores this connection by looking particularly at the intake of sugary drinks.

The findings of the new study appear in the British Medical Journal. The leading author of the sugar is Eloi Chazelas from Sorbonne Paris Cité Epidemiology

Read the study here.

What Was the Research Methodology?

According to research, sugar has a connection with the most harmful diseases. This includes heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and many more.

Since the Standard American Diet has much more sugar than needed, it is mandatory to know more about its effects. It can help in the management of the leading causes of death worldwide and improve diets simultaneously.

In order to study the link, the research took data from the NutriNet-Santé study. This included data on around 101,257 adults from France.

The sugary drinks that were under examination by the research were as follows: Milk-based sugary drinks, soft drinks, sports drinks, fruit juices, syrups, one hundred percent fruit juices with no added sugars, and energy drinks.

In addition, diet drinks and drinks with artificial sweeteners were also a part of the observation. This refers to all drinks containing nonnutritive sweeteners.

Other factors that were considered were age, gender, education level, and lifestyles of the participants. The observation period of these participants was around nine years.

Secondly, the researchers also used questionnaires in online forums. This was to know about that many different kinds of sugary drinks people consumed.

What Was the Result?

After the period of the study, it was noticed that around 2,193 of the participants had cancerous developments. 693 of these growths were of breasts cancer, 166 were colorectal cancer, and 291 were of prostate cancer.

A one hundred milliliters increase in intake of sugary drinks led to a twenty-percent higher risk of breast cancer. Secondly, it also caused an eighteen percent higher risk of cancer overall.

Though the researchers say that findings have some limitations, they support the results of previous studies. Limiting the daily intake of sugary drinks including fruit juices in recommended by all health professionals from around the globe.

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