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American parents are spending time with children more than what is normally required

There is no love compared to the one showered by the mother towards her children. We perhaps grew up hearing this quote from multiple sources being told that our parents love more than anything else in the world. Spending time with children is hence an important task for every parent out there.

For certainly, there is no denying of the parental responsibilities. They are in charge of sending their children to school, provide food and shelter along with several other facilities. More importantly, parents are responsible for caring about the physical and mental well being of their children.

But sometimes this caring exceeds what is essentially recommended!

According to one new study, this is exactly what is happening nowadays. Parents in the US give more time and attention to children than considered normal by medical scientists. In simple and more clear terms, American parents are more involved in their children lives than sufficiently required.

Spending time with Children: Parents & Parenthood Responsibilities

The discussion sparked the field of medicine when a news article was published in the New York Times. The author of the piece argued that parenthood in America has become a task, too arduous in its undertaking. Parenthood is considerably demanding, time-consuming and physically/emotionally exhausting.

Parents are found to be more inclined towards knowing the activities of their children to an unnecessary limit. An average mother is interested in inquiring the location of their child, what he/she ate during the day, what friends they share common with, what grades are they getting in school, etc.

While on the first look, all of these inquires may make the parent appear more caring. But there is, however, a bigger concern which the medical scientists have expressed towards the issue.

Foremost, caring and being involved too much has come at the cost of an increased amount of restlessness and anxiety. Particularly, the parenthood responsibilities of a mother have become the sole reason for anxiety and depression. The signs starting to exhibit as early as the post-partum period sets in.

A number of health experts have disregarded the overly involved behavior of most parents. They say that it is an advantage for the child that he/she is being looked after properly but not at the expense of the declining mental health of parents.

There is a certain limit that needs to be followed and respected but most American parents overlook that.

What is the cost of over-involvement?

A number of consequences can be highlighted that result when parents get too involved in their children lives. Empirical data from the past shows, such type of parenthood is seriously unhealthy for both the mother and the father.

The Pew Research Center looked into some of the social trends of the mothers after childbirth. The results showed that a major portion of the mothers had to sacrifice time for their favorite hobbies. They had lesser time for friends, families, relatives, and athletic activities. More than 50% of the mothers were part of some community programs which they had to forego.

Additionally, a large proportion of parents also reported feeling stressed out for the most part of the day. The reason attributed to failing to meet a certain parenthood responsibility which they had in mind.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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