Exercise May Help Women With Period Pain

There are a number of health challenges in today’s world. However, for women, there are also issues in addition to general diseases and problems. One of these is menstrual problems and period pain. While it may seem like a trivial matter to the majority of people, it can significantly affect the quality of life in reality.

According to the statistics, around eighty-eight percent of young women experience period pain. Another twenty percent have such severe pains that it leads them to them being unable to perform their everyday tasks.

Most of the study shows that around forty percent of women avoid socializing while in pain. To minimize such a situation, fifty-five percent of women take painkillers and other medicines. However, such medication may not work for every other woman.

So far the most efficacious way of reducing period pain is by taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. There is also an increase in research on other ways to help women with severe pains.

For instance, a new study looks at exercise for helping with pain during menstrual periods. It specifically looks at the effectiveness of treadmill-related exercises. Priya Kannan from the University of Otago in New Zealand is the first author of the study and trial. Its findings appear in the journal Contemporary Clinical Trials.

Read the study here. 

What Was the Research Methodology?

Period pains can negatively impact the lives of women. Since they are not counted as important, many women often struggle a lot with period pains. Therefore, in-depth research on women’s issues is fundamental.

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For the purpose of studying in detail, the recruited participants were divided into two groups. There were around seventy women, all of who were between the ages of 18 to 48. The main focus of the researchers was whether aerobic exercise on the treadmill helps these women with their period pain.

The first of the two groups had to do aerobic exercise for three days a week under supervision. They started right after the last day of their periods. Furthermore, after the four-weeks time, they were also to continue the exercises at home for around six months.

On the other hand, group two only went with the known ways of managing period pain. The main effects the researchers looked out for were differences in severity of pain and improvements in lifestyles.

What Was the Result?

After the observation, the general conclusion was that exercise does help in managing period pain. The women who participated in the supervised exercise session reported having less severe pain in their following period.

After following the same routine for six months, they had a twenty-two percent reduction in their period pain. Secondly, the quality of life also had improvements in the seventh follow-up month.

Generally, people assume that women should stay away from any physical activity during their periods. This research shows a very contrasting view of that.

In consonance with the researchers, exercise during periods is actually highly beneficial. The author states that it brings a whole package of advantages to women. Not only will performing light aerobic exercises on treadmill help with any future pains but also improve general health.



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