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Statistics reveal one in every fifth homosexual women miss Cervical Cancer screening despite risks

If you have been up to date with recent news,  you would know that Taiwan has recently legalized same-sex marriage. Just a few months back, India became the only South Asian region to decriminalize homosexual acts. The trend validates one thing for certain, our world is fast moving towards acceptance for homosexual women and men.

Their sexual activity is being normalized and widely accepted. But all of this does not negate one fact: the risk of serious health conditions that prevails!

In a recent turn of events, a study reported that the instances of cervical cancer in women were low. Which subsequently led to the manifestation of the myth that lesbian (or bi) women cannot ever be inflicted with cervical cancer.

A large number of females thereby started accepting the myth as a reality. As a result, most skipped their screening test that would detect the presence of the condition.

Medical experts believe the situation to be of a worrisome nature. First and foremost, they have argued that this belief of homosexual women not being diagnosed with cervical cancer should be sidelined. Particularly because the virus which causes the development of carcinogen cells can be transmitted through sexual activity.

The situation demands widespread awareness and promoting the culture of screening within the homosexual women community.

Homosexual Women Missing Out on Screening

One thing is clear, homosexual women are not free from the risk of cervical cancer. While it is best to undergo screening irrespective of the probability of the disease, a study reported that as many as 20% of the LGBTQ females skip the procedure.

To add to that, around 10% thought that screening was totally unnecessary. A large portion of the lesbian community felt that their sexual orientation frees them from cervical cancer.

The UK constitutes one of the biggest populations of same-sex couples in Europe. Yet, last year according to the National Health Service, 50,000 of the community members had skipped their screening appointment. Hence, it is largely unclear whether any of the women are really suffering from cervical cancer or not.

For a lot of the NHS experts, this myth has the tendency to create a serious form of the health crisis in the future. Due to this false belief, every year, thousands of homosexual females miss out on their annual screening appointment.

Cervical cancer is treatable only if it is diagnosed in the early stages. But from what appears, there is also a chance for unreported cancer to have entered the later stages.


The immediate solution to the situation is the acknowledgement of the issue in the first place. Without an innate realization that cervical cancer can occur in both homosexual and heterosexual women, no solution will yield any significant result.

There are also steps which the countries that have legalized (decriminalized) homosexuality need to follow. Screening and physical examinations need to be made affordable for all so maximum outreach is ensured. This initiative will put aside the cost factor and induce women to undergo the procedure.

Finally, it is obligatory on governments to carry out a mass awareness campaign. The female population especially in the LGBTQ community needs to understand the importance of screening tests. It can only happen on a wide scale only if there is encouragement from the government.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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