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54 million third-party alcohol induced incidents recorded in USA

Alcohol can become a nuisance at times for the person. In one recent study, the researchers concluded that there are no health benefits of drinking whatsoever. On the contrary, alcohol induced incidents may result in several health damages.

From the aforementioned discussion, one thing is for certain: alcohol does not seem to provide with any advantages. In fact, it can also be consequential for those around the person consuming it. New findings have suggested an increase in the instances of alcohol-induced assault and abuse towards friends and family members.

Having said that, there is a need to ponder over the statistics documented in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. It calls for the attention of alcohol consumers to keep an active eye on their activities.

Alcohol-Related Incidents

The study undertook aimed at collecting data of alcohol induced incidents with main focus on recording events of criminal nature. Accordingly, hundreds of cities across the USA were studied and the records were subsequently obtained.

The records show that the criminal statistics bureau had on an estimated 54 million criminal cases that resulted due to alcohol intoxication. The incidents ranged from sexual harassment to vandalism to robbery and theft. Physical assault and driving under influence topped the list with 11 million and 19 million cases recorded respectively.

But it is a common belief that numbers are likely to be higher since numerous criminal activities go widely unreported.

Above all of that, what is even more worrisome is that the 53 million figure means one in every fifth US citizen has been affected by the consequence of intoxication.

Although, not by a considerable margin, but women in the US were likely to be victims than male. In the year 2015 alone, 26% of females (who were surveyed) relayed their anecdotes of domestic abuse. Because the man had stayed up drinking all night, most cases of physical abuse occurred.

A Crisis Situation

It would not be wrong to classify the second-hand effects of drinking as a crisis situation. In mainstream medical science, we do get to hear a lot about the side effects of alcohol on the body. But more often than not, the consequences that have to be borne by the third party turns to deaf ears.

As a result, it is more than necessary that we give a thorough focus on the issue. The government needs to step into action and implement meaningful measures to curb the situation. Some of the initiatives that can be taken are mentioned as follows.

  1. Widespread awareness about the effects of alcohol on the third party.
  2. Discourage drinking as a whole. Restrict the closing time of the bars so they do not remain open whole night.
  3. Encourage swift reporting of any incident that might occur. A safe space can be established through an emergency helpline or online documentation of the event.
  4. Implement taxes. Needless to say and in a more economic sense, taxes would discourage consumption.
  5. Support therapy programs for individuals who are willing to give up drinking problem. Subsidized such initiatives to make it affordable for all.


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