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Despite health warnings, pregnant mothers in USA continue to smoke more cannabis

During pregnancy, it is incumbent on the mother to follow some essential guidelines. These guidelines are important to ensure timely delivery as well as proper health of the baby. But sometimes, pregnant women tend to overlook the requirements resulting in several types of complications.

The USA is moving towards full legalization of marijuana countrywide. Currently, 10 states and the federal capital have legalized consumption for recreational usage. Which means that anyone above the age of 21 can smoke and consume cannabis without being arrested.

But what does that mean for pregnant mother and her time during the pregnancy?

New research in its findings revealed that pregnant women in the US are increasingly smoking marijuana despite the health risks that tag along. This held true mostly for females who were residing in states where the usage of the pot is legalized. However, statistics also showed the trend to be somewhat similar to other regions in the US as well.

Pregnant Women & Cannabis

The study was documented in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Scientists observed the data of around 470,000 pregnant women during the 15 years (from 2002 to 2017).

The results rather surprised the research team who were unaware of the common usage among pregnant females. Accordingly, the findings showed that from 2002 to 2017, the usage had almost doubled. In 2002 it stood at a mere 4% which had climbed to around 8% in 2017.

On further analysis, women who started smoking marijuana daily had nearly tripled. When it was just 1% in 2002, was now 4% in 2017.

While several known complications might result from cannabis consumption, the most significant risk is that of pre-term birth. The risk was as high as 12-14% for marijuana users. Additionally, the complications could worsen if weed combined with other hard substances such as alcohol and even tobacco in other cases.

A Need to Stop

There is no rejection that marijuana has witnessed a massive increase in its consumption coming about after states legalizing the usage for recreational purposes.

In no ways, we can deny the medical benefits that tag along particularly its advantage in treating chronic pain. However, whenever there is associated harm, the user should see a full stop. The JAMA study tells us exactly that by giving us an obvious and distinctive message.

There is an ever-growing suspicion about smoking pot. Although the research is ongoing, we can undoubtedly conclude some takeaway points. Marijuana for pregnant mothers is categorized as unsafe and unhealthy because it can lead to pre-term birth.

It is required for consumption to stop during pregnancy. Doing so can exacerbate and the problems are putting the life of the baby at risk. In another US study, researchers found that cannabis tends to seep in through the placenta impeding cognitive development of the fetus.

Having said all that, US health authorities should draw their attention towards the issue. Meaningful steps will ensure so more pregnant mothers are aware of the risks of marijuana.

f we continue to allow the problem to prevail longer than it is required, then it can have drastic consequences.
For pregnant mothers, it is vital that she books an appointment with her gynecologist who will recommend guidelines to follow.

Areeba Hussain

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