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Study finds the two vital ways employees can keep themselves healthier and happier at work

We live in a rapid paced world with every individual involved with their own busy lives. This fast-paced nature has certainly brought itself a number of disadvantages. Perhaps, the foremost consequence is the effect on our daily level of happiness.

Look around and you will find people working tirelessly for a job they are not satisfied with. They work day and night long only to be unhappy yet again. While unhappiness is surely one consequence, little do people know the mental effect that tags along.

Workers who seem dissatisfied with their work are more prone to ailments such as depression and stress. Consequently, the low productivity score puts their job position at risk.

Amidst the worrisome situation, a famous US psychologist undertook an extensive study to find what makes employees happy, productive and healthy at work.

To investigate her concern, she was lucky enough to interview around 5000 Google employees and receive their input. If you aren’t already aware, Google qualifies as one of the top organizations with the highest employee satisfaction and productivity levels.

The study spanned over a course of two and a half years.

As expected, there was a large variety in the answers that were recorded. However, the majority of the responses had two things in common. Which is to say that these two reasons are the backbone for work happiness, satisfaction and above all maintaining the employees healthy.

Getting along with others at work

There is no denying that often times we tend to lead a self-centered life caring a lot about ourselves and little about others. For medical science, this can be detrimental. Particularly because communicating with others is a basic human need that we all need to accomplish.

One of the most recorded responses from the study was the desire to get along wither others at work. The employees at Google felt that manifesting a communication channel with their peers helped them perform better.

It was not just about conversing work related stuff. Anything from asking another person what your favorite movie is to what they would like to have for lunch. The mere attempt to strike a conversation proved to be beneficial.

On the contrary, employees who had isolated desk jobs with minimal interaction seemed distressed. In conclusion, the conversation is key. Do not worry about the discussion turning out to be pointless. Having somebody to listen to you can at times feel like a breath of fresh air.

Coming out of the monotony

Another reason why employees may be unhappy about their job is that the work seems monotonous. But not so for the employees at Google who practice the art of job-rotation.

In simple words, if you have been hired as a Software Engineer, your work would not just be restricted to software engineering. To feel happier and be motivated to increase productivity, the better approach is to shift between work. Say, you can do engineering for a certain period of time then move to administration after that.

Having a variety in the work someone performs can be a lot beneficial to say at the very least. It adds spice to your job where you are not confined to one emotionally exhausting task for long.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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