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How European Union Elections Affect Health Policy

European Union is a body that is formed by the collaboration and union of 28 countries. Most of the countries that members of the union are primary in the continent of Europe.

This collaboration or union among these 28 countries is not only for political means and motives. This collaboration was also made to fulfill Economic motives. This union brings political as well as economic benefits to its members.

A total of five hundred twelve people live in this region and seven fifty-one members are there to represent this population. Elections are conducted to choose these 751 people, who are the elected members of the Parliament.

The members of the European Parliament are responsible for legislation. The parliament then forms the commission. The European commission’s head is an important designation, as this institution of the union is very functional on a daily basis. The do the legislation for like making health policies and then to implement them is their responsibility.

Health policy is a very important field of action. As the commission changes, so do the policies of health in a region. Sometimes the focus shifts from medicine to research. So people eagerly wait for elections and vote on the basis of policies.

What were the health policies of different candidates?

Different political Parties had different political motives and ambitions which they wanted to achieve in health policy. The Center-Right German party’s candidate contesting for the presidents wants to fight cancer. He wants to put all resources to find a solution for it. He has said a single country can’t fight this giant evil.

An independent candidate, already a member of the commission, is also contesting for the seat. Margrethe Vestager is a business mind, she rarely talks about health issues in her manifesto. Her only health concerns are women sexual concerns and reproduction rights. Almost the same is the case with greens, their manifesto rarely touches the concerns on health.

However, the Dutch socialist, Frans Timmermans has intensively talked about the issues concerning health in his campaigns. His concerns are to provide people equality in health care. He also says that the industrial stability should be utilized in health and research department. He is also concerned with the mobility of wealth, and it not being stagnant in few hands.

What are the results of the EU elections and how will it impact health policy?

The elections were conducted on 23rd to 26th May 2019. The President of European Commission, who currently holds the office is, Jean-Claude Juncker.

As the Members of the European Parliament have been elected, people are now eager to see who will hold office after Jean. The group of European People’s Party has secured most seats in Parliament.

The results are important to the people, as it will decide the economic and political policies for the 28 members of the European Union.

The President elected will decide on the health matter of this large population. The researches, conducted in this area of the world are beneficial all over the world. So it will not only impact a certain region but will have a global impact.






Areeba Hussain

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