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E-Cigarette explodes leaving a teenage boy seriously injured

A lot of people tend to assume that e-cigarettes are a good alternative to normal ones. They think that the former is without any side effects and perfectly safe for usage. While that is certainly not the case, there is something more serious to consider!

Earlier this month, in the small town of Ely, Nevada, a 17-year old teenager, Austin perhaps witnessed the worst trauma of his life. He was quietly sitting in his room smoking through the e-cigarette vape when a loud sudden burst was heard.

The device he was smoking had exploded causing the metal particles to pierce through his jaw. This consequently resulted in severe bleeding but luckily his parents were there to rush him to the hospital.

Austin is undergoing medical treatment in a private hospital at Salt Lake City about 200 miles from his hometown. His parents describe the post-explosion scene as something they had never seen before.

Second E-Cigarette Explosion This Year

What happened at Ely, Nevada should sound familiar to some ears. In January, a resident of Fort Worth, Texas lost his life after the explosion of his vape device. The metal pieces had managed to cut through the jaw into his neck causing immediate death.

It was believed that the January incident would stop the sale of e-cigarettes due to safety concerns, but nothing has been achieved so far.

Dr. W. Russell from the University of Utah is investigating Austin’s case. He stresses upon the consequences that can result from the use of e-cigarettes. Dr. Russell states that a number of teenagers resort towards the habit as a perfectly safe substitute for normal cigarettes. While there may be little advantage, the darker side is equally important to take into account.

The technology does seem to be a big breakthrough but the explosion of the device is a real possibility. There is a tendency for an e-cigarette pen to explode literally anywhere, be it in your pocket, car or drawer. Therefore, it is really essential that the user takes precautionary steps in order to avoid a mishap.

The surgeons had to pull out a 3-centimeter piece out to prevent any source of infection. Additionally, the metal device that pierced through made him lose some of his teeth.

The injury happened when Austin had the pen in his mouth to inhale in the smoke. When he saw a flash followed by loud burst noise, he quickly pulled out the device. Unfortunately, it gave an ample amount of time for the e-cigarette to explode and tear into pieces entering his jaw.

 Health Concerns: A Reminder!

The story of Austin and the resident of Fort Worth should tell you a lot about the safety of e-cigarettes. While they may appear “attractive” and safe, the risk of the accident remains probable.

Pen used by Austin was sold by the company VGOD who has been in the market for a considerably long time. The FDA has raised serious concerns with the business but no action has been taken so far.

On the positive side, San Francisco can possibly become the first city on the planet to ban the sale of e-cigarettes. The initiative should set a precedent for other cities and state governments to follow. The issue in hand is a serious one that needs to be timely resolved.


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