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The Role of Evidence in Health Policy

The transition of research into a practical policy is often delayed by the politician, due to political motives. It is known to everyone that masses of America have a political clash.

The Democrats and The Republicans hardly agree on anything, but after a long time, they have finally agreed on something. Two-Way support has been exhibited by both the parties to make evidence and research the basis to public policy.

This decision of the government and the opposition is welcomed by everyone to not infuse politics in health matters. This claim of support on this topic is made on strong evidence, which is a report called “public opinion about evidence”, published in Translational behavioral medicine.

This research was done by the Dornsife School of Public Health under Drexel University.

What is the public viewpoint on the role of evidence has or should have?

To collect demographic data on the point the students of Drexel University conducted a survey on American Adults. 523 people were a part of this survey. In the survey, they have posted a question that what ingredients or elements they think considered in making health policy and what characteristics they think should be considered while doing so.

The options they were given were the desire of the residents of America, evidence and proofs, budget reserved for this service or the interest of the industries working for this cause.

The supporters and members of both the parties agreed on evidence as to the most influencing factor in making the decision. The other factor which was considered by people of both the parties was the suggestion and views of the citizens.

But the participants and supporters of both the sides were a bit distrustful that if their voice was considered or even heard in the matter.

The demographic results showed that a large number of people i.e. fifty-nine percent suggested that evidence should be the factor, which should be given the highest weight while making policy. only eleven percent thought that it was currently considered by the members of the Congress while making health policy for the public.

More a larger number of masses agreed, almost more than half of the people who were surveyed said that the opinion of residents should have lots of weightage in the matter. On the other hand only fourteen thought that is was currently used in making health policy.

The author of the research published in the journal, Jonathan Purtle said that the Government still needs to work on people’s opinions as a great many want certain factors to be considered but don’t believe if they are considered.

Later researches conducted by PEW research center, a non-partisan research center that basis its information on facts, show that the political division on many matters. More than 5000 American adults were surveyed in a different matter like race, immigration, etc. but such a cohesive result has never been exhibited by Democrats and Republicans.

Public opinion should be considered in making more effective health policy that should be based on evidence.


Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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