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Circadian time alignment improves productivity and sleep- Research reveals

Everyone knows the benefits of a good night sleep but did you know that aligning circadian time could improve productivity at work? Also, going to bed late and having to wake up early can lead to serious complications, both physical and mental.

A few research studies have proved that waking up early of a late sleeper has the same effect of a jet lag.

Different researches suggest different outcomes and adverse effects of a night owl being subjected to the routine of early sleepers. Night shift workers are at more risk of getting diabetes and other heart diseases than an early riser. A mismatched sleeping cycle could cause lots of adversities.

All this happens when night workers are to follow the sleep-wake cycle of an early bird. Development in science has revealed that everybody has his or her own sleep-wake cycle.

The optimal sleeping time varies for every other person, so does his chronotype. Chronotype, also known as biological night, is the time in the 24 hours when a person feels like sleeping.

The biological sleeping time could be at the delayed sleeping hours or at the early sleeping hours or anytime between the two, it purely depends on the body type and its workings.

Thus, by making slight changes it the schedule of night bird their productivity can be improved. In an experiment conducted in Germany, they used this technique. The working hours were divided into two shifts.

The early risers were made the part of the 1st shift, while late sleepers were assigned the late shift and an evident increase in the productivity was seen.

This experiment didn’t delay your biological clock but it was more like aligning your working hours with you chronotype. It’s like pushing your working hours in the time zone when you can exhibit maximum productivity.

After learning of the results lots of companies in the developed countries are trying to adopt this strategy. Some pharmaceutical, financial, software, and management companies have recently adopted this technique.

Apart from that the US Navy has adopted this technique and traded the 18-hour shift with the time which is most effective for its employees. Southwest Airways have also looked into the method and have made working hours flexible for their pilots and other employees as well.

The same technique is also used in schools and different educational institutions as well. Most of the educational institutions are concerned with their students sleeping schedule.

Some schools have also pushed their starting hours a bit ahead in time. Despite starting the school at 9 in the morning, starting time could be moved a bit farther in the day. This will increase the productivity of the students and produce better results.

By adopting this method and bringing a slight adjustment in the working schedules of people we can guarantee a better and healthy lifestyle for people with different circadian rhythms.

This will not only benefit the health quality of these people but will also improve economic development in the country, as it will improve their productivity as well.




Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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