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The United States Decides Not to Sponsor UN-Population Fund

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is a fund regulated by the UN, its purpose is to control the acts of gender violence and inequality being conducted in the different parts of the world. It coordinates with policymakers, judiciary, health care centers and the NGO’s in the region.

It is also working towards the removal of various regional and social evils in the undeveloped countries, e.g. female genital mutation (FGM), early age marriages and household labor.

America has been a very major sponsor in this program of the United Nations but recently Trumps Government has decided to not be a sponsor of this moment anymore. 32.5 million dollars were given by the American Government to this program and this decision of theirs’ will effect hundred thousand of girls, women, and children all over the Globe.

Reason and Consequences

The allegation for stopping the funding of the UN by America is that they are working with Chinese Administration which using this money in forced abortion and compulsory sterilization. Both of which is illegal and immoral under American Laws.

Stephane Dujarric, the spokesperson of the Secretary-general of UNFPA has denied all such allegations. Moreover, he has highlighted the impact of America cutting down its funds. The word is in dire need of help right now and this is the when the world is going through most inhuman acts.

One most recent example of current crises in Sudan and there are many more countries in the world dealing with a similar situation. Antonio Guterres has also gone on record to say that America’s funding is also important because all their money was used in emergency areas of the world.

Shortage of this big amount of money will cause swear crises not only for the organization but also for the people of those areas where this money was used.

A large number of people are supported by UNFPA. Factual data has been provided by the organization. In which they highlighted their services in Iraq, in helping gender-violation survivors.

They have also helped an estimated number of 48,000 women to give birth, 64 centers have also been created to provide security to women. A large number of victims of sexual abuse have also been helped.

How other countries have reacted to this conduct of the US?

Other countries who are the sponsors for this organization have also shown their concern in this matter. The ambassador of England in the UN has confirmed to keep supporting UNFPA in their purpose. Sweden has also given its statement in this matter and they have said that they believe in the Quality of work provided by this organization of the UN.

They are not only doing their job very well but are also live saviors in so many parts of the world. They have shown their consent to keep providing UNFPA with the funds from Sweden, but yet are concerned that how the organization will meet the gap created by America cutting down its funds.

The state department officer in China has said that the UN works in collaboration with the government of China to alter its one-child policy and has been somewhat successful in that.

UNFPA has said that the organization has never conducted abortions in any part of the world, not even in the countries where the procedure is legal. They have said that they have always respected all policies of American and consider them a partner in the great cause, this could never violate any of its policies.




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