Research finds eating red meat in high amounts to cause early deaths

We often take a lot of food items for granted consuming them without keeping any caution in mind. There are numerous associated side effects that often go unnoticed when we eat these foods.

As a result, we put ourselves at great risk of severe health condition. Take bacon, for example, one of the most favorite American dishes of all time. You won’t find a breakfast that is not free from bacon.

However, according to one study, eating one slice of bacon every day is known to increase the risk of colorectal cancer. Which means Americans are really putting their lives at the risk of cancer. This is what we know of bacon, the same thing can be said of red meat items like hot dogs!

Red Meat Dangerous than you Thought

You are quite possibly mistaken if you thought red meat is without any health complications. Consuming excessively, in fact, enhances your risk of early deaths, that is what a new study has to report.

The study corroborated by scientists from Harvard University and published in the BMJ journal has something worrisome for red meat lovers. If you eat just half a serving of red meat every day, you are at risk of early death. After considering the statistics, it was found that the known probability was 10% higher.

The data comprised of around 54,000 women and 28,000 men who participated in the study. The participants were asked to imitate their daily dietary habit. This study spanned for a period of eight years during which all necessary observations were noted.

Particularly, the scientists were interested in knowing the amount of red meat consumed during the four-year period.

Once the research concluded, the results were rather startling for the scientists. They have called towards the strict attention of all meat lovers. The final statistics revealed that at the termination, on an average, there was a 10% increase in the risk of early deaths.

On further look, this held true for processed meat for which the rate stood at 12% higher. While on the other hand, for unprocessed red meat, the figures were just below 10% standing at 9%.

When the findings were further scrutinized for causes, the scientists found that red meat increases the chances of cardiovascular illness. It is important to know that heart disease accounts for the second biggest cause of deaths in the US. One study also found that half of the US adult population has some sort of cardiovascular complication.

Looking for Alternatives

From what we have seen, the problem seems considerably serious. Americans are known for consuming red meat in greater amount. What is even more unfortunate is that the majority of the population are not even aware of the associated health consequences.

That being said, there is all the more need to look for alternatives. The types of alternatives which are healthy and risk-free in terms of medical complications.

The first and foremost thing you can do is indulge in a search for better protein substitutes. You can start off with lentils, legumes for your protein requirement. If you want to consume in meat, then fish is a viable alternative. The key is to minimize your red meat consumption as much as possible.




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