A new study finds unsalted tomato juice to fight high blood pressure

There is no better alternative when it comes to natural foods. They are known for their plentiful benefits which include keeping an individual fit and healthy. So, if you have to decide between processed and natural items, always go for the latter! That being said, keeping yourself free from high blood pressure can be as simple as drinking a glass of tomato juice every day.

Yes, that is what medical experts have to say with reference to a newly published report. This red fruit (or a vegetable) can be sufficiently beneficial for people with high blood pressure condition and other cardiovascular illnesses. Now is the time that you including tomato juice in your daily diet!

Tomato Juice & Lower Blood Pressure

The study was conducted by Japanese scientists from Tokyo Medical and Dental University. The research spanned for a year’s time and the findings were documented in the Food Science & Nutrition. For the purpose of the study, the researchers considered the data of around 480 participants. Among the participants were 180 males and about 300 females. Over the course of the study, they were asked to drink unsalted tomato juice, the quantity as per their liking. Comprehensive medical observations were made every 3 months where the individuals told how much juice they drank on a weekly basis.

Once the research concluded, findings showed that as many as 94 participants with a history of hypertension and untreated prehypertension experienced a fall in their blood pressure level.

  At the start of the study At the end of the study
Average Systolic Blood pressure


141.2 mmHg 137 mmHg
Average Diastolic Blood pressure


83.3 mmHg 80.9 mmHg


Drinking tomato juice might not have yielded substantial differences but nonetheless led to a positive outcome for patients with hypertension. Additionally, the 94 participants also exhibited a reduction in their bad cholesterol level. This is crucial because nearly 600,000 people in the US alone die from heart disease every year. One study also reported that half of the US adult population currently has some sort of cardiovascular condition. It is thereby imperative to look out for better health alternative treatments.

Other benefits?

We know for a fact now that tomato juice offers a plethora of benefits. Particularly, when we talk about patients with hypertension and bad cholesterol problem. It is the need of the hour to drink tomato juice on a frequent basis to keep ourselves healthy.

But if you haven’t already found out, tomato itself has a range of other scientifically proven benefits! It is arguably one of the best natural food you can eat. Having said that, let us look into some of the other benefits, tomato juice has to offer.

  • High in antioxidant content: The rich antioxidation content can prove to be beneficial in fighting inflammation and even cancer.
  • Male fertility booster: Scientific studies have also shown tomato juice to improve male fertility by increasing sperm production. This property also arising from the rich antioxidant content.
  • Helps fight constipation: Tomato contains great amount of fiber which can help fight constipation.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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