Kefir can be used for Lowering high Blood Pressure, Study Claims

Kefir is a unique fermented form of milk. It contains many bioactive compounds and Probiotics including almost 30 different strains of good bacteria potent enough to fight tumors and carcinogens. It can also be made out of coconut water which is named “coconut kefir”.

Kefir is a nutrient loaded drink which aids the immune and digestive issues of various kinds. In addition, a recent research has reported that kefir can even help the lowering of blood pressure.

A joint research conducted by the researchers from Auburn University and them from the University of Vila Velha studied the effects of kefir on high blood pressure scientifically named as hypertension. The scientists involved in the study revealed a positive effect of kefir on the regulation of blood pressure. It does so by promoting a strong connection or communication between the gut and brain.

Being a rich source of Probiotics, kefir can effectively help maintain the balance of good bacteria in the digestive system.

Earlier studies have confirmed a strong connection between the imbalance in the gut’s microbiota and high blood pressure. It has also been declared that probiotics supplement beneficial and live bacteria to the digestive system which helps to lower the blood pressure of the individual.

However, the exact mechanism followed by probiotics to reduce blood pressure is still to be known.

For the study, the researchers subjected three groups of rats to experimentation in order to evaluate how does kefir reduce high blood pressure? The first group acted as a control group. It had rats with normal blood pressure and no kefir in their food. The second group was the test group which constituted rats with hypertension who were fed with kefir and the third group had rats with hypertension and no kefir in their diet.

The research continued for almost nine weeks. The test group rats at the end of the examination exhibited lower levels of endotoxins that are toxic substances linked to a disruption in the cells, lower blood pressure, and boosted intestinal permeability. On contrary, the untreated group did not show such results.

The researchers also noted that kefir supplementation restored the natural balance of four different bacteria in the gut along with an enzyme, in the brain, crucial for the normal functioning of the nervous system. They commented that it might be the case that both the digestive and nervous system work together to reduce hypertension.

The researchers concluded that kefir could serve as an antihypertensive supplement which is associated with mechanisms involving the progression of a healthy gut microbiota which would not only lower the blood pressure but also prevent the interference of toxins inside the body.

Kefir is not something inaccessible or difficult to obtain. It is merely milk or coconut water fermented with kefir grains. Water kefir also exists. It is water boiled with kefir grains. The starter grains for kefir drinks are a combination of bacteria, in particular, the lactic acid bacteria and yeast that aid the process of fermentation. For enhancing the taste of the drink, it now comes in different flavors.

Aside from improvising the gut health and reducing blood pressure, kefir is attributed to a number of benefits which are as follow,

Being rich in calcium, kefir reduces the risks of Osteoporosis and improves bone health. It protects the body against infectious diseases by hindering the growth of hazardous bacteria. Kefir is rich in vitamin K2 and kefiran that is a carbohydrate in nature. Both of these nutrients make it an efficient antibacterial tonic. It is a better probiotic than yogurt and is rich in magnesium phosphorous, proteins, riboflavin, vitamin B12, and vitamin D.

All in all, a drink that anticipates such wide-range benefactions worth a part of our diet.





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