Lower bone density more common among males than females, study finds

When we walk about weak or brittle bones, we often assume the victim to be a woman. For obvious reasons, there is no denying the fact that the condition affects female at a greater proportion. But now, there has been a big breakthrough in the empirical health data available.

A recent study found that the problem of lower bone density tends to be more common among males than females. More importantly, it is the middle-aged male group that is more likely to become a victim. The data has been validated by a number of medical scientists who believe that there has certainly been a shift in the way we traditionally perceive the issue.

What did the study suggest?

Researchers from the University of Mississippi got together to comprehensively investigate the issue. The research considered the data of about 175 male and female adults who were aged between 35 to 50 years. Over the span of the study, the scientists looked into the bone density of the participants and recorded their observation. In their conclusion, they found that men were more likely to have a lower bone density in the hip region. This observation held true for 29% of the male participants compared to 26% of their female counterpart.

The findings then raised the issue of osteopenia, which the researchers believed the male participants were inflicted with. Osteopenia is defined as lower than the normal bone density. In frequent circumstances, the condition translates into osteoporosis which makes the bone brittle increasing the risk of fracture.

According to Allison Ford, lead author of the study, the findings come as a great medical science discovery. The fact that we traditionally thought osteoporosis to be a female-dominated condition should be sidelined. It is true that women can be at the receiving end of the illness. However, men are equally likely to be the victim as supported by empirical evidence. Therefore, it is the need of the time that our attention is drawn towards dealing with the issue.

Ways to fight lower bone density

The study from the University of Mississippi has shown us how men can be affected by lower bone density. The question that subsequently arises is: how should then the patient be fighting the condition?

Fortunately, there are ways one can adopt that may prevent the risk from exacerbating. Your doctor is the best guide in that regard who would tell you some essential guidelines you should follow. There is no one single way that will ensure stronger bone health. Rather there are a couple of means you should look forward to.

The first and foremost guideline is to make amendments in your daily diet. That requires you to include certain nutrients in your diet that will help achieve the purpose. Perhaps the best-known nutrient you should include is calcium for stronger bone density and teeth. But consuming calcium on its known will do no good unless it is complemented with vitamin D. Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium.

If you are looking to improve bone density, another viable way is to start the weight-bearing exercise. This type of physical workout entails the move of the body against gravity. Some of the best weight bearing exercises are jogging, dancing, stair climbing and brisk walking.

Areeba Hussain

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