Study shows running keeps the bone marrow younger

There simply remains no denying that exercise benefits your body greatly. It keeps you in shape by fighting obesity hence protecting you from various illnesses. Additionally, it frees you from piled up stress making you feel calm and relaxed. But above all, there are other advantages to your body which are not much talked about. Consider running for instance.

We know for a fact that running is far one of the best cardio exercises you can perform. You burn a substantial number of calories and allow your heart to function smoothly. These are some of the facts we know. But do you now according to one new study, running also keeps your bone marrow young?

Why have a young bone marrow will be cleared in detail shortly but in a nutshell, this benefit has a positive impact on your bone metabolism subsequently preventing you from chronic conditions.

Running & Young Bone Marrow

To know more about the phenomena, scientists from Deakin University Australia got together. They looked into the data of around 100 men and women who were aged between 25 to 35 years. The participants followed a physical workout plan that consisted of running different distances in a week. During the research, the blood samples were collected from time and time again.

Once the study concluded, the findings showed that those who ran on an estimate 12.5 miles a week had younger bone marrow, almost eight years younger than those who led a sedentary lifestyle. More importantly, the participants also exhibited better bone metabolism and remained free from chronic illnesses.

Now comes the main part of the discussion: what is the advantage of younger bone marrow? Why is running beneficial in that regard?

If you aren’t already aware, bone marrow is a semi-solid found mainly in the spongy portion of the bones. It is the main site where new cell production takes place (hematopoiesis).

Humans are naturally born with red blood cell-producing bone marrow. With a non-physical type of lifestyle, this converts into yellow fatty marrow which disturbs the bone metabolism. This consequently increases the risk of medical illnesses like diabetes and osteoporosis.

Forming a Plan


From what we know running is advantageous in nearly all aspects. It improves your overall condition by lessening the risk of serious health illnesses. We were well aware that it is one viable way of fighting obesity and shedding off excessive fat. But as the research from Deakin University has shown, the exercise is also beneficial in improving bone density.

However, nutritionists would state how it can be difficult for people to come up with a running plan. Even having an initial kick start can seem a task too arduous in its undertaking. That being said, there are some motivations to can keep in mind if you are planning to start running.

  • Start off by running smaller distance than longer miles right away
  • It’s better to run consistently than exerting a lot of effort
  • Buy proper running shoes
  • Run on proper jogging track than unlevelled field
  • Pay attention to your footsteps ensuring you do not exert extra pressure on your knees
  • Keep yourself hydrated in warm conditions









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