How to get immediate relief from muscle cramps?

Are you deciding to workout this summer and get a perfectly toned body right at the end of vacations? Have you applied for a gym membership already and looking forward to your routine plan? Well, there is certainly no harm in doing so. In fact, it is essential that you keep yourself physically in shape and shed off excess fat from your body. However, if you are doing all of this for the first time, then you might possibly be worried about one thing: muscle cramps!

What are Muscle Cramps?

Before moving into the nitty-gritty of treating muscle cramps, it is vital that you know what they actually are?

Muscle cramp may be defined as a sudden involuntary contraction of a muscle (or group of muscles). This can result in a long debilitating pain that can be quite difficult to cope with. In simple words, your muscles tighten or cramp up without you making any effort to move them.

Muscle cramps frequently occur in the lower back, feet or the legs region. But at the same time, it is not uncommon to experience the condition in other places. People may also get a cramp in the abdomen, ankles and even in the hands.

For obvious reasons, there are risk factors to consider. Meaning by, these factors increase the likelihood of the individual experiencing muscle cramps. Older people are more likely to face the condition than anybody else. Similarly, a poor diet lacking in essential nutrients may also be responsible for elevating the risk. Additionally, pregnant mothers and women experiencing PMS will often face the problem of muscle cramps.

Having said all of that, there are fortunately ways to fight off the problem and that too: naturally! Let us look into some of the techniques that may offer you immediate relief.

Natural Treatment and Prevention

1.Stretching & Massaging

These are two ways for both preventing and treating muscle cramps. Whenever you experience a cramp try smoothly massaging the affected area. You can also try to stretch once the pain sets in. For example, say you have a charley horse, a muscle spasm that causes severe pain in the calf muscle. Retain a sitting position with your legs straightened out. Try pulling your toe back towards yourself in a way that it stretches and relaxes your hamstring.

On the other hand, to avoid getting frequent cramps, make sure to spend time warming up. This can entail stretching your ligaments or any other muscle which you are going to make use of during the exercise.

2.Bath yourself in Epsom Salt

Another popular remedy to fight cramps is to immerse yourself in a bath of Epsom salt. This type of salt is known to be rich in magnesium hence subsequently replenishes the magnesium deficiency. Epsom mixed in warm water is a viable way to soothe your muscles and help them relax. More importantly, the bath may also detoxify your body.

3.Use ice or a heat pack

You might not be aware of this, but heat actually helps in relaxing your muscles. When you apply heat to the affected region, it soothes down the pain and relieves tightness. All you need to do is massage the pack in the area where you are experiencing muscle cramp. You can do the same with an ice pack.


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