Study finds DASH Diet to lower the risk of heart failure

If you aren’t already aware the DASH Diet stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension Diet. It mainly features a number of vegetables, fruits, non-dairy products in addition to a variety of whole-grains, fish and poultry. The purpose is to limit the amount of red meat consumed as well as restricting the amount of sugar intake.

From the look of it, you might just infer that the DASH diet offers a plethora of benefits, which in fact is the case. While the plan keeps you physically in shape, the main objective that nutritionists have identified is in the diet’s ability to fight high blood pressure problem. To add to the list of known benefits, a new research study has suggested the DASH diet to lower the risk of heart failure among adults.

DASH Diet & Lower Risk of Heart Failure

The research study was concluded by scientists associated with Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. According to the lead author, Dr Claudio Campos there is only little contemporary medical literature on the DASH diet. And more importantly, most have offered only conflicting results. They failed on identifying the relationship between the diet and lower risk of heart failure.

The study considered the data of around 4500 Americans who were aged between 45 to 85. The sample including participants from different states as well as different ethnic origins. Moreover, none had any past history of any type of cardiovascular illness.

The research analysis continued for about 13 years. During this time, the scientists looked into the dietary habits of the participants and any changes were subsequently documented.

After taking into account the results, it was finally revealed that the DASH diet does help in reducing the chances of heart failure. In fact, the empirical data suggested that the risk can cut into half which is better than benefits offered by most medicines. That being said, this new research provides all the needed evidence previously unavailable. It gives a comprehensive overview of the benefits that can be entailed by following a DASH diet plan.

Time to change dietary habits?

The findings of the study by scientists of Wake Forest School of Medicine were published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. It is important to know that heart failure is among the leading cause of deaths in the US. Nearly half of the American adult population at this point is inflicted some cardiovascular illness. More people are likely to be diagnosed given their physical activity and above all poor diet choices.

What the grave situation really demands is to look for viable alternatives and preventive techniques. While obviously, being more physically mobile and exercising frequently is one way to cut down risk. The other substantial way to do so is looking for better dietary options. Thankfully to our cause, the DASH Diet can offer huge benefits in that regard.

Although the DASH plan appears quite similar to the Mediterranean Diet, there are some essential differences. Particularly, a focus on low-dairy products coupled with a reduction of sugary beverages is certainly healthy measures. Having said that, if you look to decrease the risk of heart failure, now is the time to shift to DASH.


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