What is Hepatitis? How chronic Hepatitis C is?

Hepatitis is normally the state of the liver in which the liver starts getting large or in other words, liver inflammation takes place. The inflammation of the liver in Hepatitis can actually affect the functionality of the liver. As per the research, 3.2 million American people are reported to be the victim of this virus. The research further says that 17000 people are diagnosed with this infection each year while

Causes of Hepatitis

Hepatitis usually result because of a virus. However, there are certain medications which can also cause Hepatitis. Or the use of heavy alcohol or any such toxins can also result in Hepatitis.

Types of Hepatitis

There are three types of Hepatitis:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C

Hepatitis A: Such kind of Hepatitis usually don’t last for a long time. It is quite short-termed and Vaccines can result quite beneficial in the case of Hepatitis A.

Hepatitis B & C: These types of viruses can both be short-termed or long-termed.

The most fatal of all three is Hepatitis C. Because there is no treatment or vaccine that has yet been introduced by the professionals. Because of no treatment available, Hepatitis C can actually result in a lifelong infection.

What is Hepatitis C?

This form of Hepatitis results because of the Hepatitis C virus. The ending period of this disease can vary. It can get cured within weeks or it can last long for life. There are two types of Hepatitis C.

  • Acute Hepatitis: This is the state which happens in the initial 6 months of the disease when someone is first diagnosed with Hepatitis C. This is usually short-lived. However, this can also lead to the more serious one i.e. chronic infection.
  • Chronic Hepatitis: If Hepatitis C is not treated on time then the consequences of it can be fatal. As it can result in damaging of the liver, can also cause liver cancer. Other than this, it can also cause the liver to be scared and such a state is also known as cirrhosis. Such chronic hepatitis can also result in liver failure which can lead a person to death.

Symptoms of Acute Hepatitis

The symptoms of Acute Hepatitis include the following:

  • People with acute Hepatitis can suffer from Fever and Fatigue.
  • Such people can also experience vomiting or nausea.
  • It is possible to have Jaundice as a result of acute Hepatitis.
  • A person can feel difficulty in the movements of his joints and thus can result into joints pain.
  • Abdominal pain is also another symptom of Acute Hepatitis.

How Hepatitis C spreads?

Some of the reasons because of which Hepatitis C spreads are as follows:

  • Taking birth from the mother who had Hepatitis.
  • Needles/Syringe can also result in the transferring of Hepatitis C.
  • Via Blood if a person gets the blood of someone who was infected with Hepatitis virus.
  • Though there are lower risks of getting infected, sexual contact can also result in Hepatitis C.

If a person gets the treatment and is cured of Hepatitis C, are there any chances that the person will again get infected?

As per the professionals, yes there are chances to get reinfected of Hepatitis C.

People who are at risk of getting Hepatitis C are as follows:

  • People who take drugs or used to take years ago.
  • Those who were born between the era of 1945-1965.
  • People who were born to mothers infected with Hepatitis C.
  • People who get their bodies pierced or get the tattoos done on their bodies using instruments which weren’t sterilized before can also become infected with Hepatitis C.

The treatment of Hepatitis C should be followed by seeking consultation from Doctors.


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