What is Brain Tumor? What are the Causes of Brain Tumor?

We all are quite familiar with the name ‘Brain Tumor’. But how many of us know what Brain Tumor is actually all about? Very few. Well, having some knowledge about the tumor won’t hurt much. Or maybe this can prove to be helpful as an information in and itself which can further help you in understanding about this disease if there’s anyone around you who’s going through one.

What is Brain Tumor?

The abnormal cells which spread across or start growing out of the control are normally known as the tumor. However, it is essential to understand the difference between the benign and malignant tumors. Benign tumor normally doesn’t go into other parts of the body. Thus, they aren’t dangerous. However, malignant tumors can spread to other parts or tissues of the brain and can subsequently damage them to an extent which can result in disabling of the brain. This is the reason why doctors have termed it as ‘Brain Tumor’ and not as ‘Brain Cancer.’ Brain tumor because of its nature can spread readily in other parts which

Cells or Tissues of the Brain and Spinal Cord

The tumor that gets developed in the tissues or the cells of the brain are as follows:

1) Glial Cells

  • Astrocytes
  • Oligodendrocytes
  • Ependymal Cells

2)  Microglia

3) Neuroectodermal Cells

4) Meninges

5) Choroid plexus

Reasons and Causes of Brain Tumor

There are several reasons because of which Brain Tumor is caused. However, as per the report of the American Cancer Society, 1.3% deaths are caused amongst the adult and children because of the brain or spinal cord cancers. Nevertheless, as per the same report, in white persons, the brain and spinal cord cancer are more usual, or you can say common. And meninges cancer is quite common in women.

The reasons because of which cancer is caused are many. However, it is said that 5% of the brain tumors are hereditary. Some other causes of Brain Tumor are as follows:

  • It is reported that Electromagnetic fields can become the cause of the brain tumor-like use of a cellular or cordless phone.
  • People who, because of their profession, are exposed to chemicals like asbestos, arsenic, lead pesticides etc. can more likely become the victim of such tumors.
  • Infections or the intake of calcium in one’s diet can also be the cause of brain tumor.
  • People who have some sort of allergies can also become the victim of brain tumors.
  • Another cause of brain tumor could be the usage of hair dyes or sprays which people do on their hair.

Brain Tumor Treatment

The treatment for brain tumor vary. There are many ways which are used for treating the brain tumor. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

  • Surgery: Surgery can be used for treating the Brain and Spinal Cord Tumor.
  • Radiation: Radiation is another option for treating the adult Brain and Spinal Cord Tumor.
  • Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is also an option which can be used for treating Brain and Spinal Cord Tumor.

Which Treatment should be taken?

The treatment of the brain tumor varies on several factors as well as depends upon the individual as well. However, some of the factors which should be taken into consideration before seeking a treatment are as follows:

  • The age and the condition of the individual’s health overall.
  • The kind of tumor that a person is diagnosed with as well as its location.
  • Taking the feelings of oneself into consideration about the side effects of the treatment that one is about to choose.
  • The percentile of the results of the treatment as to how much will the treatment be effective in curing the individual’s tumor.


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