Scientists identify three ways of keeping brain healthy

When we talk about brain health, we generally mean protecting it from developing complications like Alzheimer, Dementia. There are multiple ways you can adopt to sustain the health of your brain. The key point to note is ensuring the blood vessels keep working smoothly. So any external factor that affects the blood vessels may potentially hurt the brain.

Neuroscientists are in the process of investigating all the possible risk factors of brain deterioration. Although research studies are ongoing, some have revealed their findings. Accordingly, high blood pressure, smoking and diabetes can possibly be detrimental for your brain health. The three conditions were responsible for the loss of grey and white matter.

The next question that arises: how do we ensure our brain remains healthy and continues to work in a proper way?

The first thing to note is that there is no one straightforward solution to the problem. Essentially you should look out for ways to minimize the risk factors responsible for the decline. Moving a few steps ahead, thanks to our cause, experts have highlighted some meaningful measures that can be adopted.

Brain Health and Lifestyle Changes

What we want to consider at this point are the natural ways of sustaining brain health. Meaning by focusing on the lifestyle changes we need to make to achieve our purpose.

We will now look into some of these ways that can improve our mental and cognitive ability. At the same time, with the additional benefit of keeping us healthy.

1. Try Moving More

If you are a couch potato with no or little physical movement, then there is a cause for concern. A sedentary lifestyle can be highly consequential putting you at risk of severe health complications. While obesity is one, it can also affect your mental abilities. One research found that people who spent less time moving performed poorly on memorizing tests.

Therefore, your focus should be on being as physical as possible. Not to say, that you should start running or jogging from the very first instance. Instead, aim for a brisk walk of about an hour daily.

  1. Eat a Healthy Diet

What you eat can have an impact on the performance and health of your brain. Too much junk or too much sugary food should be a complete NO. Like we noted earlier, high blood pressure can affect your brain health. So, your focus should be on avoiding all the foods that can possibly cause you to develop the condition.

Try making amendments in your diet by including lots of fruits and vegetables. Aim for nuts, blueberries and fish. Avoid food items containing high amounts of sodium since that can shoot up your blood pressure.

  1. Follow a proper sleep schedule

Ensuring that you follow a proper sleep routine and get an ample amount of rest is essential. A poor schedule can lead to fatigue and consequently affect your mental capacity.

Think of your brain as a machine that is operating since the time you were born. It needs the energy to perform its duties but at the same time requires some rest from the work it performs. When you get an adequate amount of sleep, you are in one way or the other providing rest to the brain. The better you sleep, the more efficient the machine will work!


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