Patients with liver cancer can now safely use anti-viral drugs for Hepatitis C

There are a number of questions asked with regards to complications associated with liver cancer.  One question relates to using anti-viral drugs during the condition. Thankfully, now medical experts have been able to arrive at a mutual consensus. Any person diagnosed with Liver Cancer can use anti-viral drugs to treat Hepatitis C

Scientists feel that there are as such no risks involved and the patient can use the drugs without having anything to be worried about.

It is important to understand that previous past research studies had suggested otherwise. Patients suffering from Liver Cancer were advised to stop the dosage of any Hepatitis C medications.

The new findings are underway for more approval from other experts in the field. If proven true, the research can be a ground-breaking discovery in the area of gastroenterology.

Hepatitis C medications & Liver Cancer

For the purpose of the study, researchers examined medical records of about 30 patients. These patients were being treated for Liver Cancer at various hospitals all across the USA. What was distinctive about these patients were that they had also been diagnosed with Hepatitis C. The motive was now to investigate the effects of anti-viral drugs and note any complication that might result.

Subsequently, the patients were divided into groups of 2. The first group were given a regular dosage of anti-viral medicines to treat Hepatitis C. Doctors recommended drugs like Harvoni and Sovaldi. The two are most frequently prescribed in the US and the majority of the patients rely on them for Hepatitis C treatment.

The second group, on the other hand, had to undergo a different procedure altogether. Unlike their first counterpart, the group members were not prescribed any dosage of anti-viral drugs. The condition was left to be dealt on its own. Whatever, the procedure was to be carried out for treating cancer will be applicable for Hepatitis as well.

The effects were noted on regular intervals and scientists noted any prominent change that would occur.

In the end, the results proved out to be rather surprising for the medical researchers.

What does the study tell us about Hepatitis C?

The first group on antiviral drugs had been able to recover from Hepatitis C. The symptoms had considerably lessened and the patient exhibited major signs of improvement. More importantly, the drugs did nothing bad to intensify the prevailing Liver Cancer condition.

The research findings helped scientists to evaluate a major breakthrough conclusion.

Antiviral Drugs to treat Hepatitis C are safe to use for people diagnosed with Liver Cancer. There are no resulting side effects to be worried about.

In fact, it was also concluded that the patients had lesser chances of Hepatitis C recurrence.

The findings come about at a time when about 3 million Americans are fighting against the disease. For some patients, the condition has developed into chronic form with severe symptoms. At the same time, it is important to note, that a major chunk of the Hepatitis C population is also a victim of Liver Cancer.

The use of antiviral drugs becomes a big issue that troubles a lot of people. Yet, as recent findings suggest, it is completely safe for the patient to use them


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