The “Hidden” Benefits of Eating Tree Nuts

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you will be looking for amendments in your daily diet. Possibly excluding things which can shoot up your blood sugar. At the same time, focusing on including food items that can be beneficial for your health! However, inclusion and exclusion of dietary elements may seem a task too arduous in its undertaking. In the list of food items recommended for people with Type 2 diabetes, tree nuts are possibly in the top 5 list.

In fact, scientists feel eating them about five days a week may be equivalent to exercising regularly. Yes, that’s how important tree nuts can be for patients suffering from diabetes. They may come in the form of almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans and Brazil nuts.

Let us now look into the study that took place recently which aimed at exploring the hidden benefits of this food item.

Benefits of Tree Nuts

A group of American scientists undertook an extensive research program to look for the health benefits of tree nuts. The results might prove to be groundbreaking in the field of medical science. It can potentially change the way we treat the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes through natural means. The findings were published in the American Heart Association Circulation Research journal.

Accordingly, a number of participants with the condition volunteered for the experiment. They were divided into groups of two. The first group consumed tree nuts on a regular basis and continued their medical treatment as planned. Their counterpart, group 2 members were on a diet that did not include tree nuts.

The study extended for a period of three months. All necessary observations like changes in blood sugar level were noted down.

At the termination of the research, scientists were rather surprised to have found the advantages tree nuts had to offer. They have asked physicians all over the US to recommend their patients to include the food item in their daily diet.

It was revealed that patients with Type 2 Diabetes who consumed tree nuts had a 17% lower risk of cardiovascular illness. Not only that, but the patients also had an overall 31% reduction in the chances of premature death.

Healthy for the Heart?

The findings of the study say a lot about the benefits of tree nuts for the heart. Particularly for Type 2 patients who are also known to be at risk of cardiovascular illness.

There have been possible scientific explanations put forward as to why that might be the case. Researchers feel that tree nuts are beneficial for your heart because they have a positive effect on blood pressure. They are able to metabolize body fat and at the same time regulate blood sugar level.

In a general sense, tree nuts are able to lower the risk of metabolic syndrome. Which is described as the risk factors contributing towards either cardiovascular illness, stroke or Type 2 diabetes.

The risk factors identified for metabolic syndrome are as follows:

  1. High level of blood sugar
  2. Waistline fat
  3. Increased triglycerides
  4. Reduced levels of good cholesterol (also known as HDL)
  5. High blood pressure

Tree nuts are beneficial for the heart because they are able to decrease all the risk factors of Metabolic syndrome.





Areeba Hussain

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