Study finds pregnancy sickness to be related with intelligent babies

There is nothing worse than feeling sick during pregnancy. It can make you stop doing all the work you planned and just focus on booking an appointment with your doctor. For sure, the sickness can be a difficult time dealing with.

But one study suggests that pregnancy sickness can actually be beneficial for the fetus! Research findings have shown that mothers who increasingly face the problem are more likely to have babies with higher IQ.

Why that is the case will be clear later. Suffice to say, there is now all the more reasons for mothers to be optimistic about their sickness! Well, who doesn’t want their children to grow up intelligent?

Before we explore more about the research study, it is also important to know about pregnancy sickness. What that really is?

Sickness & Pregnancy

It is very common for pregnant mothers to fall sick. Usually, this condition engulfs the body during morning time. For that very reason, it is also frequently referred to as morning sickness.

 Either way, on the look of it your gynaecologists would advise against being utterly worried about the situation. In fact, sickness symptoms are primarily seen as the first signs of pregnancy.

There is no one single way for a mother to fall sick. Symptoms can literally be anything from nausea to headache.

It is understandable that the condition can be difficult to deal with at times but there is another positive side attached as well. Sickness, lasting up to 16 weeks, show that hormonal change is able to sustain the pregnancy. Subsequently assuring a healthy growth of the fetus.

What the study found?

A group of researchers associated with the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto got together. What they aimed at examining was the impact of morning sickness on the brain of the baby. Whether in any way the condition affects the long term neurodevelopment of the child. When scientists talk about neurodevelopment, they refer to aspects like intelligence, behaviour and memory.

About 120 pregnant mothers participated in the observational study. Out of the sample population, most mothers frequently faced the problem of morning sickness. Their results were compared with those who rarely or did not fall sick at all.

The findings surprised the research team who have stated the study to be a big breakthrough. Accordingly, the results showed that pregnant mothers who fell sick more often were very likely to have babies with higher IQs!

Children, once they were born, were made to undergo certain tests which checked their IQ. The activities included memorizing stuff, the ability to learn language etc. Surprisingly, children of mothers who experienced sickness during pregnancy excelled in almost all mental ability tests. They were able to perform astoundingly well and hence were believed to have a higher IQ.

The results of the study led the scientists to conclude that morning sickness does have an impact on neurodevelopment. However, the team also agrees that more research is needed to arrive at better explanations of the phenomena. So far, the direct effect of sickness on the brain is not known except for hormonal changes that are initiated. Therefore, it is only about time when we will have final concrete conclusions.



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