MMR vaccine does not cause autism in children, study confirms

There have been a number of concerns raised regarding the efficiency of the measles vaccination. The concerns come at a point when the USA is amidst the worst Measles outbreak of the decade. States like Ohio, Washington have been adversely affected putting lives of thousands of inhabitants at considerable risk. After the outbreak had set in, there were issues like the vaccination can lead to complications like Autism. Which in a broader sense made people think twice before they could get themselves vaccinated.

However, a new study has refuted the claim through an extensive research program that concluded this year. The findings revealed that there remains no link whatsoever between the measles vaccine and autism. No such relationship can be found therefore there is no reason for people to be worried about. The results were documented in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Autism & Measles Vaccination

The study was conducted by scientists associated with the Staten Serum Institute. They looked at the data of about 650,000 Danish children who were born in the era between 1999 and 2010. What they essentially aimed at examining was whether MMR vaccination increased the chance of children developing autism. In other words, with the help of neuropsychiatrists, they looked for pieces of evidence of autism disease.

It was finally revealed that no such relationship could be identified. Suffice to say, children receiving MMR vaccination did not in any way increased their risk of Autism. What this really means is to shun away the claim that was raised by the critics.

According to Dr Mads Melbye, the research provides credible evidence to believe the final results. Firstly, due to the fact that around 650,000 children were examined which makes it even more viable to buy the idea. On a more secondary level, the study was conducted in accordance with other independent authorities. The findings were validated by neurologists, neuropsychiatrists, paediatrics and other relevant experts in the field.

Is there a need to be worried?

The answer is NO, there is no reason whatsoever to be worried about the concern. If you have been sceptical about the usage of MMR vaccination, now is the time to sideline all your doubts. The vaccination does not increase the risk of Autism, therefore, there is essentially no need to be worrisome.

In fact, research findings of the Danish scientists built upon an early study that was documented in 2002. According to that study, there was no visible risk of an increase in the risk of autism in children when they were vaccinated for MMR. The difference between the two findings lied in the further insight explored in the more contemporary research.

The scientists looked at other factors that were likely to put a child at the risk. They found that genes and in some cases environmental concerns need to be accounted for. For example, a child with younger siblings with autism spectrum disorder was more likely to have the disease than any other group.

Either way, autism is to be understood in combination to a variety of factors not solely on the basis of one. However, from the research data available, it is reasonable to infer one important point. MMR Vaccinations may not have any link with ASD whatsoever.



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