Medical experts raise serious concerns against use of antibiotics

The use of antibiotics has always been the center of attention for medical experts. Particularly, scientists question whether misuse can have any health complications whatsoever. Medications are being examined and any concerns are noted down.

If you have been using antibiotics incorrectly, now is the time to stop. Misuse can lead to the bacteria becoming resistant against treatment subsequently inflicting damage to the gut flora.

Gut flora is important for a person because it provides the body with essential nutrients including vitamins and minerals.

The research findings come about a time when antibiotics are increasingly available all across the US. It is not difficult to seek a valid prescription and the drug can be bought from nearly every medical store.

The findings of the research provide us with valuable insight. At the same time, it raises a big question mark on the misusage of antibiotics. The results were compiled by researchers associated with Case Western Reserve University.

Health Concerns with Antibiotics

Damage to the gut flora was one out of the number of health complications linked with inappropriate use of antibiotics. One other concern that was highlighted was the ability of the drugs to deter the proper functioning of the immune system.

Our body is designed naturally to counter any attack by foreign invading bodies. The natural defense mechanism consists of white blood cells that produce antibodies. These antibodies fight off the infections as well as decreasing inflammation within a specified region.

The main point to consider is that white blood cells are a vital component of our body immune system.  They are formed and maintained through the production of short chain fatty acids or SCFA. SCFA is, in turn, produced by “good bacteria” residing in our gut.

What research wanted to examine was the effect of antibiotics on these good bacteria. The results were shocking as it was revealed that antibiotics, in fact, destroy them. The result of which is reduced the production of short chain fatty acids. Consequently, the body becomes a deficit of white blood cells.

Long story short, the misuse of antibiotics creates hurdles for the body’s natural immune system. This is a problem because any infection in the body caused by germs would be left untreated.

To the extent, scientists feel that long term inappropriate usage can lead to untreatable infections within the body.

Should antibiotics be taken?

The above research findings should definitely be cause for worry. You might then be inclined to ask whether anyone should ever take antibiotics in any form?

The answer is simple and straight forward. There is no such harm associated with a normal dose of antibiotics. In fact, they are a good source of getting rid of infections in the majority of the circumstances.

Yet they should never be taken without any valid prescription. The prescription should come from the doctor who knows thoroughly about his/her field and is aware of potential side effects.

Then again, the above-highlighted concern held true for misuse of antibiotic drugs. The user should always be regulated and be kept within the directed guidelines. Needless to say, mindless ingestion can certainly create a whole range of problems.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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