Drug to reduce kidney failure among diabetes patients introduced

Medical scientists have introduced a drug that can possibly lower the risk of kidney failures in diabetic patients. It is important to know that diabetes is one of the leading cause of kidney failures among patients. In fact, according to official health statistics, the situation holds true for one every fourth adult with diabetes.

The new drug which has been tested will be available in the market under the brand name Invokana. After successfully going through a number of repeated experimental trials, the medication is all set to be launched in the market. Scientists are more than optimistic that results will continue to hold true for the general diabetic population.

But there is one big problem, however!

The cost of Invokana remains substantially high which really restricts its usage on a large scale.

Let us first discuss what the drug is really all about and then focus our discussion on the cost aspect.

Drug to Lower the Risk of Kidney Failure

The study accounted for the results of about 4400 people who were 30 years old or above the age. All of them were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and were also subsequently known to suffer from chronic kidney disease. The experiment was designed to mirror the situation existing in reality.

Afterward, medical scientists introduced a random number of participants to the Invokana drug. The rest of the volunteers were given a placebo.

The study continued for as long as 2 years. During the entire time, all notable observations in the renal condition were noted down. It is also pertinent to take into account that all the patients under examination continued with their usual diabetes treatment. At no point did they discontinue the medical procedure.

Once the research reached its conclusive stage, the results were documented. What the findings revealed proved to be utterly surprising for the scientists. They are thoroughly positive about its application in the field of endocrinology.

According to the research findings, those on the drug were reported to have a 34% lower risk of kidney failure. They had better renal functioning and were in no more need of dialysis or transplant. On the other hand, some of the participants exhibited early signs of improvement even before the research officially ended.

The High Cost

There is no denying that the drug can help a large chunk of the population with diabetes. As most tend to develop kidney disease, this medication can prove to be a large breakthrough.

However, the high cost of Invokana may limit its availability. The cost can go as high as $600 for one month. The worst part of the entire story is that currently there is no cheaper alternative available. Additionally, most health insurance plans do not cover the cost of the drug.

The cost-factor is and will continue to be a big obstruction for patients. All the advantages on one side, only a small chunk of the rich population will be able to benefit from the drug.
What this really demands is the government to subsidize the prices or incentivize researchers to come up with cheaper alternative options.


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