Why too much Vitamin D is not a good option?

We need vitamins like we need other essential nutrients for our body. It helps us in sustaining important bodily functions. And more importantly, deficiency can have major consequences that can lead to a variety of illnesses. One such nutrient is Vitamin D!

We need Vitamin D because it has an indirect benefit for us. It aids in the absorption of calcium that promotes bone growth. Which is to say if you lack this item in your diet, you might be putting your bones in a state of vulnerability.

Sure, Vitamin D is essential and one of the vital nutrient. Yet scientists would ask you to eat in moderation. If you exceed what is needed by your body, you might just be doing more harm than good. This was confirmed by a team of Canadian scientists who looked to discovered the possible “dark side” of this vitamin.

Why excessive Vitamin D is unhealthy?

A group of Canadian physicians got together to explore the risks associated with an excessive amount of Vitamin D. They looked into the case of a 54-year-old adult who had been admitted in a hospital in Toronto for kidney damage. On initial examinations, the exact cause of the condition was unknown. That is when the physicians thought the high intake of Vitamin D might just have a role to play.

For the team, the case is a rather unusual incidence. Nonetheless, it tells us a lot about the importance of keeping moderation in the amount.

The patient was admitted to the hospital after he returned from a long vacation trip in Southeast Asia. He had the right adequate amount of Vitamin D in his diet yet was consuming 12 tablets of supplements daily. In addition, spent a great amount of time sunbathing.

It is not surprising to know that the sun happens to be one of the biggest sources. Interesting to know, it is often categorized as the sunshine vitamin and is synthesized by the skin once it comes in contact with the sun.

On further clinical examination, the patient exhibited high levels of creatinine in his blood. Which put the kidneys at a greater risk of damage

Why it is important to keep a balance?

Vitamin D toxicity happens usually in rare circumstances but there is also a problem of misdiagnosis. Because a lot of us are inclined to believe the sunshine vitamin to be completely healthy, we often overlook the other side. We can obtain it from literally a wide range of food sources, from fish oil to egg yolks. In fact, you can easily find supplements at your nearest drug store.

What is important at the same time is to keep a balance in the amount we consume. There is always a limit that should be considered. The patient admitted in the hospital in Toronto exceeded the required dosage which inflicted damage to his kidneys.

Typically, the recommended daily dosage is somewhere between 400 to 1000 IU. Definitely, people suffering from osteoporosis are prescribed a higher dose. Yet before, making any decision to increase the amount, it is pertinent to consult a doctor.


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