What is Diabetes? How can it be Prevented?

Are you diabetic or is there anyone who’s diabetic around you? Do you want to know what diabetes actually is or what are its types? How can a person prevent oneself from having diabetes? What treatment can be taken for those who are already diabetic? Can we prevent ourselves from having diabetes? What role does the nutrition play in having diabetes? Is there any cure for diabetes? Does it last forever or can it be cured? From the definition of diabetes to the treatment of diabetes, we will be covering and answering the answers to all these questions in the following article.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is defined as when the level of blood glucose doesn’t remain normal in the body. The food that is taken by our body is converted into the sugar or glucose which gives our bodies the energy. An organ named pancreas which is normally located near the stomach releases a hormone which is known as insulin.

The purpose of Insulin

The insulin helps in delivering glucose to the cells of the body. Normally, people lack the secretion of insulin which eventually rises up the level of glucose in the blood and causes diabetes.

Effects of having High Blood Sugar  

The sugar if not get controlled or treated on time then this can cause the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Thirstiness
  • Immoderate Urination
  • Eye problems i.e. blindness
  • Heart diseases
  • Kidney problems
  • Gum diseases
  • The damage of nerves
  • Loss of limbs

Types of Diabetes

There are three types of diabetes.

1- Type 1

The type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed into the children or teens. And some 5% of cases are also diagnosed in the adults. This is also known as insulin-dependent or juvenile onset. Taking insulin on a regular basis is mandatory in type 1. There is no other treatment available as for now.

2- Type 2

Type 2 diabetes was also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes or adult-onset. This type of diabetes has 90 to 95 percent chances of being diagnosed in the adults. But this type is also getting prevalent in the children and the adolescents. Type 2 diabetes can be reduced by seeking preventive measures such as changing one’s lifestyle by adopting some healthy changes i.e. weight loss or inculcating healthy foods in the diet.

3- Gestational Diabetes

This is the third type of diabetes and from 2 percent to 10 percent of women encounter such type of diabetes during their pregnancy. Also, the risk of complications in the delivery of baby becomes higher in such cases.

35 percent to 60 percent of women can become the victim of type 2 diabetes after going through gestational diabetes.

What is Prediabetes?

Prediabetes is also a risky state. Such a state can neither be considered normal nor can it be put into the category of diabetes. This is an in-between state. In such a state, the sugar level remains high but not to an extent where it can be categorized either as normal or as diabetic.

79 million Americans are the victim of the prediabetic condition.

Is there any treatment available for Diabetes?

Currently, there’s no treatment available. The only way of preventing diabetes is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and that can be done via nutritional diet.

Nutritional Diet for Diabetes

It is essential that for adopting some healthy lifestyle, you should try to control your calories. Most Americans eat more calories than required which can increase their sugar level.

Having a check and balance on how much calories do you take per day can bring tremendous benefits to your health. Also, inculcating the required and necessary nutrients in your diet can really help in preventing diabetes or in curing it because the glucose level will remain normal due to a balanced diet.


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