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Edibles Biggest Cause of Marijuana-Related Emergency Visits in US

A number of US states are fast moving towards legalizing recreational marijuana. Traditionally, smoking cannabis was seen as the norm. However, there has been an addition to the culture in the form of “edibles.”

Gummy bears, pot brownies, cannabis chocolates all fall under the category of edibles. Like with the case with raw marijuana, they are now widely available at various dispensaries.

On the first look, they might just seem harmless rather would entice you on eating them. However, recent studies have suggested otherwise. Researchers have thoroughly examined the impact edibles might have on the consumer.

The findings revealed them to be more potent and harmful than smoking cannabis.

So, if the idea of pot brownies did have your attention, it’s time to think twice before you actually eat them!

What did the study show?

A detailed investigation was carried out in the city of Denver, Colorado. Colorado is among the 10 states which allow sale and consumption of recreational cannabis. The researchers aimed at analyzing the marijuana-related cases in the emergency room. What they found was that a large proportion of the visits were by people who had consumed edible(s). The patient was known to suffer from intoxication, vomiting and reported symptoms of psychiatric illness.

It is interesting to note that in Denver, there were far more pot smokers than individuals who would eat edibles. Yet, the highest number of related cases were for the latter. According to the scientists associated with the study, this tells a lot about the impact of eating cannabis.

On a more unfortunate note, edibles were also held responsible for three violent deaths occurred between 2014/15. One was a homicide case while the other two happened to be suicide. In both cases, the consumer showed violent traits that might have possibly been triggered by the edible.

Why Marijuana Edibles give you a stronger high?

A number of reasons can be identified for preferring to eat cannabis edibles over smoking it. The most common answer you get to hear is that it gives you a better and a stronger high. That is certainly true because a higher amount of THC gets absorbed by the bloodstream.

The “innocence: of marijuana edibles lie in the way they induce people to eat more. Unlike with the case with smoking a joint, an edible takes far longer to kick in. For the effect to initiate properly, the consumer might need to wait somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour. Although, eating empty stomach may take lesser time to digest.

Because it takes longer for a person to experience a high, he/she ends up overdosing. Possibly with the mindset that the edible “may not be working on them.” That is when the problem first begins and the person falls trap to all the associated health problems.

As weed becomes more and more popular, the dark side is getting even lesser attention. Companies are increasingly advertising edibles without in any way highlighting the consequences of the products. It is high time that the government pays attention to the issue and takes the problem in its own hand. The severity of the situation needs to be controlled before more people find themselves as victims.



Areeba Hussain

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