Women in high demanding jobs more likely to gain weight, research finds

A lot of women tend to be worried about weight gain. For rightly so the reason. Obesity is a serious complication that needs to be overcome. If no timely measures are taken then that could lead to the development to severe illnesses like heart disease and diabetes.

When faced with the problem of obesity, women try looking for possible causes. These causes can literally be anything. From (obviously) excessive eating to a lack of physical activity.

However, according to a Swedish study, women tend to gain weight when put under high job pressure. If the work demands a lot of work and constantly keeps the person under stress, then that could be highly consequential for the woman.

What the research study suggested?

The study collected data of about 3800 participants including both women and women. They were subjected to different examination that accounted for the changes in the variables mainly obesity and demand at job. The participants associated with the study were investigated for a period of 20 years so a cohesive conclusion could be drawn from the sample. For the purpose of the study the age bracket was set between 30 to 50 years.

The researchers asked different questions from the volunteers that would help with the documentation of the findings. They were asked queries related to the job sector they were working in and what their tasks were. In addition to that, participants were also asked to respond to their psychological situation. Whether their employers put them under excessive stress. The researchers felt that there remained a strong link between declining mental health and obesity.

The respondents were also inquired about their ability to do anything they wanted to do at their job. Anyhow, the findings call for a major cause of concern and demands drastic measures to be taken at the workplace.

Not surprisingly, the initial hypothesis put forward turned out to be true after the study concluded. Being put under excessive job pressure may in one way or the other lead to obesity among women. In the case of the research, there was an increased risk of almost 15%.

Women & high job demand

The study should serve as an eyeopener for both the employers and the female employees. In most cases, the task performed at the workplace is often taken for granted. We tend to underestimate the underlying risks that may be detrimental to our health. The findings show exactly that.

While there remains no exact cause why there is a relationship between the two but several explanations can be put forward. One that argues that high job pressure is linked with lesser time for physical activity. Women who are constantly subjected to the complexities of their work may find they have lesser time to exercise.

Although this one proposition, there may be other more plausible explanations. It is about time before research studies reveal further details. Yet, suffice to say, there are some important guidelines to be considered. Firstly, for employers they should not overburden their employees with excessive amount of work. Considering the physical and mental health of the individual, responsibilities should be assigned accordingly. For females, they should try aiming for jobs that keep the work pressure at minimal.


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