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“Street Cannabis” known to be contaminated with traces of Faecal Bacteria

Street cannabis sold in Spain is supposedly known to contain a high level of faeces. This was revealed by a study carried out by a pharmacologist associated with Universidad Complutense in Madrid. The researcher collected a number of marijuana samples sold by dealers in different Spanish cities.

In most cases, E.Coli Bacteria and Aspergillus Fungus were found, which can potentially be a source of serious illnesses. On the other hand, hashish that was smuggled from abroad into Spain also had a strong smell of faecal matter.

It is illegal to buy and sell cannabis in Spain although growing for personal use is allowed by law. Yet, consumption in the country remains a lot higher compared to other European countries.

The findings of the study will possibly make people think twice before they indulge in buying street cannabis!

Traces of Faecal Matter Found

The Spanish authorities have been alerted with a rise in the number of marijuana-related ER visits. What they aimed at looking at was the reason behind the problem. As a result, the task was assigned to a team of scientists belonging to Universidad Complutense, who collected about 90 samples of street cannabis. The findings were documented in the Journal of Forensic Science International.

The purpose of doing so was that the majority of consumers are likely to purchase weed through street dealers. It is cheap, accessible and far more convenient than growing domestically.

Once the samples were collected, they were examined for traces of contamination. In other words, finding whether the products were actually suitable for people or not.

One thing surprising to note was that in some cases, the raw cannabis was sold in plastic acorns. This was done to avoid being caught by the police authorities.

The results showed that as much as 90% of the cannabis samples contained dangerous levels of E.Coli Bacteria. Similarly, about 10% had traces of Aspergillus fungus. Either way, scientists found that 88% of the samples were deemed “extremely unhealthy” for the consumer.

Researchers, as well as the Spanish Health authorities, are highly worried about the situation. They believe that the problem arises due to the lack of regulation of marijuana sold on the streets. In addition, the porous borders make it even more likely for smugglers to import contaminated products. Either way, it is more than necessary for the government to step in the picture and take necessary measures.

Street Cannabis & Health Risks

The health risks that tag along with E.Coli and Aspergillus are numerous. They can contribute to lung-related conditions, severe diarrhoea and vomiting. Particularly people with low immunity are at a far greater risk of infliction than any other group. Moreover, scientists feel that the consumption of street cannabis for cancer patients can be considered serious.

While the problem holds true for Spain at large, we can nevertheless state the same conclusion for the US. In states where marijuana remains illegal for the population, most people would resort towards the black market. The products available there of low quality contaminated with harmful bacteria and fungi. It is high time for the government to start regulating cannabis before the situation becomes widespread.

Areeba Hussain

Areeba is an independent medical and healthcare writer. For the last three years, she is writing for Tophealthjournal. Her prime areas of interest are diseases, medicine, treatments, and alternative therapies. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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