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Medical marijuana has finally gained legal status in Florida

Medical marijuana has finally gained legal status in the state of Florida. The decision came about when Governor Ron DeSantis signed the bill to repeal the law that initially held cannabis in any form as a criminal offence.

It is pertinent to note that Florida had actually overwhelmingly voted for legalization of medical marijuana back in 2016. However, the vote could never be put into place particularly after Governor of that time opposed the decision. Thereby, cannabis remained illegal throughout the state although the usage was considered as felony in most urban cities.

Ever since DeSantis has shown full support for the legalization, weed would be now used for medical purposes. The bill could be implemented as early as Autumn of this year.

Marijuana and Florida

The state of Florida has long been a proponent of 420. This is visible from the fact when voting was held for the medical legalization of cannabis. As many as 70% of the state’s population gave their approval for legal status. Due to the opposition from the governor at that time, unfortunately, the voting decision could never be executed.

However, now there is something to cheer about, courtesy DeSantis approval. Medical marijuana would now be available throughout the state. The dispensaries will soon be issued guidelines and health treatment could start within this year.

There are various reasons for Florida to welcome this news and consider it a step in the right direction. First and foremost, the benefits of cannabis cannot be underscored. Particularly, when we look to examine its application in the field of medicine. Marijuana can supposedly be used for treating chronic pains like Fibromyalgia. Similarly, some research studies have also highlighted its practical use for dealing with symptoms of cancer.

Yet, above all of that, medical marijuana can act as a viable alternative to opioids.

USA is currently amidst the worst opioid crisis of the decade. Thousands of people have died who were subjected to improper use of the drug. Most cases have been linked to Fentanyl overdose that ultimately proved to be fatal. Florida has not been free from this crisis.

Faced with such an alarming situation, demanded the health authorities look out for alternatives. Thankfully to their cause, cannabis offers the solution to the problem.

Is Legalization of Recreational Cannabis Next?

Florida is all set to become the 34th US state to allow medical treatment through the use of marijuana. While the citizens have welcomed the decision, they are now all the more willing to push for a lift on the recreational ban.

The debate is now increasingly being held within the state for the possible advantages that could be gained. Proponents have argued that it could save Florida tons of money that are spent on policing and arresting drug criminals.

The Governor of Florida, however, has explicitly stated that the legalization issue will be up in the ballot in the upcoming elections. Only time will tell what the decision ultimately turns out to be. Currently, only ten US states allow for recreational use and it won’t be long before categorizing Florida as the 11th one or not.

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